Channel Retro Summer Vibes with the Gucci Visor

Hat season is in full effect this summer, and the latest Gucci visor is no exception!

There's no accessory as perfect for summer as the Gucci's retro visor hats. The fashion house definitely knows how to make summer a stylish one with their latest drops. From vintage canvas pouches to pink monogram pool slides, Gucci fanatics might possibly be putting these on top of their wish list. 

A seasonal wardrobe staple, the retro visor hats come in two different colours: red and black. Drawing attention with its Gucci's "GG" logo embroidered pattern, this cap adds a playful touch to any outfit. If you're looking for something a little more colourful and fun, the version bearing the signature Gucci headband with a translucent neon yellow visor offers a chic alternative. 




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