Get Inspired By Emily Ratajkowski's Summer Wardrobe

Be it looking sexy in a Jacquemus number, bike shorts and crop top, or summery mini dresses, Emily Ratajkowski definitely knows how to make summer fashion work for her.

When it comes to looking sharp, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski is a queen of taking the simplest of outfits and injecting her own sense of effortless style into it. When it comes to summer, we are all about breezy fits and comfort- taking a page from Emily who does it best. 

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Emily Ratajkowski in total neon orange look © Gotham / GC Images
1562636101353396 gettyimages 1145362868
Emily Ratajkowski in leopard blouse, jeans and orange sneakers © Gotham / GC Images
1562636101720955 gettyimages 1149502587
Emily Ratajkowski in total sportswear look Aime Leon Dore © Raymond Hall / GC Images
1562636102088937 gettyimages 1150667089
Emily Ratajkowski in immaculate trench and white mules Steve Madden © Raymond Hall / GC Images
1562636102508351 gettyimages 1151456189
Emily Ratajkowski in striped ensemble © Gotham / GC Images
1562636102839915 gettyimages 1153098679
Emily Ratajkowski in orange crop top, mesh skirt, maxi belt, white sneakers and raffia basket Carolina Santo Domingo © Gotham / GC Images
1562636103149665 gettyimages 1153472457
Emily Ratajkowski in an oversized nude suit and white crop top © Say Cheese! / GC Images
1562636103617735 gettyimages 1153892081
Emily Ratajkowski in oversized blazer and denim shorts © Gotham / GC Images
1562636103928889 gettyimages 1154634832
Emily Ratajkowski in black crop top, raw denim and gray sneakers © Gotham / GC Images
1562636104244919 gettyimages 1158080549
Emily Ratajkowski in Jacquemus dress © Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images
1562636104606822 gettyimages 1158505061
Emily Ratajkowski in sequined dress © Edward Berthelot / GC Images
1562636104958797 gettyimages 1138974490
Emily Ratajkowski in total red look © PG / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images
1562636105291028 gettyimages 1150388200
Emily Ratajkowski in striped asymmetric dress © Raymond Hall / GC Images
1562636105622572 gettyimages 1150404447
Emily Ratajkowski in immaculate cocktail dress © Raymond Hall / GC Images

Emily Ratajkowski in Rouje dress

Emily Ratajkowski in Ganni leopard crop top

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