5 Reasons We Love the Miu Miu Silk Loafer

From the fertile imaginations of Miuccia Prada: lavish silk loafers from Miu Miu to help live your fantasies of living the lush aristocratic life.
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Its Origin Story

Miu Miu is no stranger to excess. The idea of a heavily jewelled buckle has been in the works since Spring 2010’s highly embellished ready-to-wear collection and re-emerged in Spring 2016’s range of accessories. However, it was during Pre-Fall 2016 that the idea became immortalised, when the Miulady bag quickly gained popularity among celebrities. Its prominently Baroque buckle is now the subject of abstraction with this Christmas rendition of the Miu Miu loafer.

Its Stylistic Roots

These loafers are the epitome of preppy fashion, and the abundance of jewels makes it all the more luxurious. There’s an instinctive urge to be precious about wearing a pair
of delicate shoes anywhere but indoors. We don’t see ourselves trotting over asphalt, dirt or the like in these babies, anyway, but we sure won’t be treating them like glass slippers.

Its Precious Nature

Like we said, you might want to keep this one indoors. Spoil and nurture it by restricting its wear for the finest cashmere carpets, expensively intricate parquets and exquisite Italian marble. If possible. For off-festive seasons, pair these gorgeous slippers with an equally preppy silk shift dress and, if you’re feeling extravagant, consider a voluminous fur coat to top it off (another reason to stay indoors).

Its Luscious Material

It’s fact that Miuccia Prada makes the best silk satin shoes for twisted sisters. What makes this loafer so sumptuous is the fluidity of its belt, which in turn gives the impression that the shoe is made up of different types of satin – it isn’t. Warning: don’t ever get it into contact with water, especially hot water. If anything happens, don’t touch it – bring it straight to the cleaners. Unless you want your shoes to shrink into oblivion.

Its Character

Everything exciting about being a Miu Miu girl is synthesised in being fun, a little twisted, but still über fashionable. What matters most is that the loafer looks pretty on the foot, but also has incredible rack appeal. Its vermillion shade is hypnotising, and the combination of pearls and crystals – trop chic! This style is also available in jet black, which exudes more cool than prep.

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