5 Brands That Are Helping To Fight The Wildfires In Australia

While devastating bushfires continue to sweep across Australia, the fashion industry has decided to take action. Originally from Australia, Réalisation Par, With Jéan, Faithfull The Brand, and more have committed to fund efforts in the continent.
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Australia has been burning for almost four months. In the grip of wildfires since September last year, the country may never fully recover from the deadly flames. The crisis has devastated 8.4m hectares of land, while at least 25 people and almost 480 million animals have been killed. In the face of such a tragedy, several fashion brands have decided to mobilise, committed to paying a portion of their proceeds (if not all) to fund relief efforts across the continent. 

Réalisation Par

1578620167041878 realisation par
© Réalisation Par

Founded in 2015 by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, the brand pledged to donate 100% of profits over 24 hours to two major associations - Red Cross Australia and Wires Wild Life Rescue, the largest charitable organisation for the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wild animals.


1578620167339533 posse
© Posse

Originally from Australia, Posse shot to fame two years ago by imagining the must-have bag of the summer: the '70s-inspired Roundie basket bag. Since then, the label has established itself with vintage-influenced creations perfect for summer dressing, from linen crop tops to high-waisted shorts. To help its homeland, the brand has organised a raffle of 1000 items to be won by purchasing tickets worth AUD$50, of which 100% of the profits will go to Red Cross Australia and Wires Wild Life Rescue.

With Jéan

1578620167617276 with je an
© With Jéan

Characterised by romantic silhouettes and flowery prints, With Jéan offers easy breezy pieces infused with a retro touch, and has won the hearts of fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Elsa Hosk. Last weekend, the label contributed 100% of all profits from sales to Red Cross Australia, amounting to almost AUD$70,000.

Faithfull The Brand

1578620167919328 faithfull the brand
© Faithfull The Brand

Influencers swear by Faithfull The Brand when summer approaches, and it's easy to see why with the label's ultra-desirable and ultra-chic looks. For one week, the brand pledged to donate 100% of profits to two relief efforts - the NSW Rural Fire Service and Wires Wild Life Rescue.

Bali Body

1578620168189431 bali body
© Bali Body

Australian-made skincare, sunscreens, and eco-friendly self-tanners... Bali Body has all the ingredients for a summer-ready kit. The star product? A sunscreen that combines protection against harmful rays with active ingredients for self-tanning. As a proud Australian company, Bali Body has donated AUD$10,000 to date to Wires Wild Life Rescue, with more to come.

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