Highlights of the Valentino FW19 Show

We take a look at some of the best bits from the Maison's latest show by Pierpaolo Piccioli in Paris this week.
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This season, Pierpaolo Piccioli was inspired by the Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry, a group that plasters pages of poetry across cities. In that same way, Piccioli wanted to bring poetry to the streets with the Valentino FW19 collection. You may have come to associate Valentino with lavish, stupefyingly beautiful gowns that so often end up on the red carpet (and rightly so). There were plenty of them at the collection that was unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, but also a mix of casual clothing: jumpers, overalls and neoprene dresses. None of it lost the elegance expected of a haute couture house, not with the use of luxurious fabrics and the Maison's impeccable savoir-faire. Below, we list down all the elements of the Valentino show that captured our imaginations.

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1. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were a big trend this year on for the Valentino FW19 show. The hat, which first became popular in the early 1900s, was placed against futuristic makeup, bold bright colours and Renaissance prints. Unlike normal bucket hats, Valentino's versions were extremely sculptural, tied with ribbons under the chin.

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2. Graphic Prints

Renaissance, religion and romance were key themes on the many graphic print dresses which were shown on Pierpaolo Piccioli's catwalk. Inspired by Victorianesque fetishism for the Renaissance era, the designs pushed it one step further, with images of statues embracing, alongside bold bright colours. One print in particular was courtesy of Undercover's Jun Takahashi, whom Pierpaolo Piccioli collaborated with for Valentino's Pre-Fall 2019 collection.

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3. Trapeze Silhouettes

The trapeze silhouette is no stranger in Valentino collections. This season, though, it wasn't just limited to evening dresses, but found on cloaks, coats and tunics that draped gracefully from models' shoulders. 

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4. Feathers and Lace

Aside from prints, Piccioli's romantic touch could be seen all across the collection with the use of feathers and lace, which adorned coats, dresses and hats. On a couple of dresses, an appliqué of white lace was also used to frame the prints mentioned above.

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5. Futuristic Makeup

Another element of the show was the is futuristic, but nevertheless romantic, makeup sported by the models. Eyebrows were bleached, lips were left bare, and the eyes were framed in pastel shades: olive blossoms, pink, green and copper.

Discover the rest of the Valentino Fall/Winter 2019 show:


All images courtesy of Valentino



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