Resort 2020: Where are Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton Headed?

Gucci in Rome, Prada in New York, Dior in Marrakech. Find out where the other anticipated fashion shows will be held for Cruise 2020.
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With the Fall/Winter 2019 season finally at a close, the fashion world already has its eye on the Resort 2020 collections. Also known as "Cruise collections", these are usually presented before the summer of the northern hemisphere, with fresher and Brazilian-style pieces.

While some brands stage only a low-profile presentation or advertise their lookbooks, other brands one-up their peers with fashion shows in incredible destinations, such as Armani, which will bring us to modern Japan, or Gucci, which plans to expose us to Roman culture and art this season.

Here are the confirmed dates and locations for the upcoming Resort 2020 shows:

Chanel in Paris

Undeniably, the heart of Chanel is located in the Grand Palais, which has become inseparable from the brand since 2005 and is where will be hosted its Cruise 2020 show. The date for the show is already confirmed: May 3.


Dior in Marrakech

For its Cruise 2020 collection, Dior will be packing its bags and flying straight direct to Morocco. More specifically, the brand is headed to the charming city of Marrakech, a favourite of Christian Dior's first successor, Yves Saint Laurent. The brand has not announced where the show will take place on April 29.


Louis Vuitton in New York

After the Miho Museum in Kyoto in 2018, or the house of Bob and Dolores Hope in 2014, Nicolas Ghesquière announced on his Instagram account that New York will be the destination of the show of the Maison. The site has not yet been disclosed, however, given Ghesquière's tastes, it is believed that contemporary architecture will be the main focus.


Prada in New York

Like Louis Vuitton, Prada chose New York to host its next show. This is the second consecutive year that the Italian brand has chosen the city. In 2018, Prada staged its Resort 2019 show at its New York headquarters. For its Resort 2020, which will take place on May 2, the site is not yet confirmed.


Gucci in Rome

Historic Rome will be the stage for the new Gucci collection. The hometown of Alessandro Michele, director of the house since 2015, Rome is also where the Italian designer finds much of his inspirations. The show will happen in the museum Capitoli and although the theme of the collection has not yet been revealed, it is known that this place was part of Alessandro's childhood.


Giorgio Armani in Tokyo

Although not the first Cruise collection of the brand, this will be the first show intended for the collection. The exact location of the show remains a mystery, but it is known that the date will coincide with the reopening of the Japanese flagship brand, the Armani / Ginza Tower. The event also marks the return of the label to Japan after a 12-year absence.


Alberta Ferretti in Monaco

After presenting its 2019 collection in Milan, the Italian brand will have its 2020 Resort show at the Oceanographic Museum, one of the most famous places in Monaco.


Max Mara in Berlin

As we're approaching 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Italian brand has decided to pay tribute to the rebirth of the city. The parade will be held at the Neues Museum, which was restored in 1997 by the British architect David Chipperfield.



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