10 Highlights of Riccardo Tisci's Burberry Debut

With a diverse collection of 134 looks, the designer made his highly-anticipated debut at the beloved British brand.
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This is the first official Apple store in Southeast Asia

With 500 stores in 17 countries, Apple welcomes more than a million visitors a day across the globe. Apple executives expect the Singapore store to be one of its most popular in the world.

Luxottica presents the new Dolce & Gabbana Logo Collection. From first glance, it is clear that the collection takes on a bold, chic and modern style, playing around with a mix of materials. This mix of textures is one of the most stand-out features of this new line, with the brand mixing up mattes with gloss, rubber logos, and so on. 




The brand's new menswear collection is especially distinguishable with its clean-cut, street-style inspired look, and use of bold colours. The colours orange, gold, black, white and blue are repeated throughout the line, working to add pops of colour that make the collection more striking.  

Dior: From Paris to the World is on view at the Denver Museum of Art through March 3, 2019.



How would you define the difference between an artist and a designer?

I’m not sure of that. I think it’s too easy to say one person is a designer, and another is an artist. I can say that even a couturier who makes clothes can be an artist. Of course, you can say everybody is an artist, but I don’t think it’s true. I think it depends on the way you make things. I think that there is a function behind design. I don’t say I’m an artist. I just say I’m not a designer because I think I have an artistic way to create, because I’m not thinking about the final product or the function. 


You’ve listed Salvador Dali and Max Ernst as influences. Why does Surrealist art appeal to you?

I am quite inspired by Surrealist and Nouveau Réalisme artists who take things from reality and transform it into art. I like this idea that things are not like you think they are. For example, I like to cross animals with things because it gives you a different emotion. You transform your reality by your emotions.


right: "Zoa, The Fisherman" (2016), patinated bronze

"We don't progress unless we make everybody's issues move forward."



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