Christian Louboutin Celebrates Opening Of Its New Boutique

by Varnapriya Prakash
What’s better than a reason to celebrate? Two reasons, of course! Christian Louboutin combines both Valentine’s Day and the opening of their Scotts Square boutique into a single event

The French luxury brand celebrated the opening of its new Scotts Square boutique with an enchanting cocktail event a day before Valentine’s Day. True to its theme of “A Lesson in Chemistry”, guests were treated to a pop-up bar serving romance-inspired molecular cocktails, bespoke Louboutin love poems inscribed by an on-site calligrapher, periodic table-inspired mini chocolates, and champagne all night long.

Distinguished guests who graced the event included Yvette King, Min-Li Tan, Celeste Basapa, and Judy Hunt. This season’s collection exudes an exotic edge inspired by the vivacious carnival samba spirits of Brazil, bringing the allure and mystery of spicy Rio nights to life in a new form.

Yvette King (1).JPG
Yvette King
Casling Tan.jpeg
Casling Tan, Amelie Tan
Rebecca Eu-2.jpeg
Rebecca Eu, Tijin Lee
Ariya Chanda.jpeg
Ariya Chanda, Victoria Giovanni
Guest, Lisa Gwee, Ganesh Ramalingam, Casling Tan
Guest, Judy Hunt, Celeste Basapa, Serene Tan
Min-Li Tan.jpeg
Min-Li Tan, Alicia Loke, Michelle Eng
Jessica Cindy.jpeg
Jessica Cindy, Willabelle Ong
Nellie Lim.JPG
Nellie Lim
Rebecca Eu.jpeg
Rebecca Eu, Yovie, Serene Tan, Benjamin Tan
Bernard Cheong.jpeg
Bernard Cheong, Cheryl Cheong, Dolly Cheong
Kartini Soegomo.jpeg
Kartini Soegomo, Vashty Soegomo

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