3 Fool-Proof Ways to Get a Summer-Ready Body

Kickstart your head-to-toe summer spruce up – it’s time to get your beach bod on
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Bootcamp: Hard or Easy


It’s no quick-and-easy fix, but Momentum Bootcamps’ Body by Momentum 4-Week Challenge ($300) will have you ship-shape and beach-ready. An all-round package covering health and nutrition consultations, recipes, thrice-weekly outdoor group training sessions (a mix of strength and interval training, HIIT, running, yoga etc) and a home workout routine, the programme promises to fire up your metabolism and change your life – and body.

If no pain, no gain is not really your game, Esthe Clinic has its own version of the bootcamp to slim and tone, where you just have to lie back and let a therapist do the work. The new Intensive Body Perfection Programme entails twice-weekly sessions ($320-580 per 40-60min session, depending on treatment area) over three to five weeks, where flabby areas will be targeted with deep fat-melting lipocavitation ultrasound therapy and skin tightening and cellulite-busting thermo-controlled radiofrequency. Both processes are non-invasive and painless, and enhanced by two Eladerm supplements that supposedly help combat water retention, aid detoxification, reduce stress and decrease your urge to snack.

Drink to It

Hic Juice’s 5:2 Juice Plan ($250 for two weeks) aims to help you recharge, cleanse and boost your fat metabolism. This take on the intermittent fast diet entails five days of meals as normal, and limiting your calorie intake on two non-consecutive days of the week with three 500ml bottles of juice and nut milks or shakes. These juice days give your digestive system the downtime it needs to heal and reset, thus improving nutrient absorption; the juices stimulate your body’s repair mechanism, which supposedly slows down the ageing process. Hic’s low-GI juices and nut milks ensure you hit your daily nutrient needs (of approximately 300 calories/day) and keep your blood glucose levels balanced, so your body never goes into the starvation mode as it would with crash dieting. The 5:2 Juice Plan is purportedly a healthier, more effective diet for the long term, and fans report feeling more energised and alert thanks to it.

Wax On, Wax Off

Before you strip down to your bikini, strip down. Legs. Underarms. Bikini line. (Back and face too, if you need it; we’re totally in the no-hair-below-the-brow-line camp). The XXXX Strip (All Off) Brazilian Wax ($62) from Strip will thoroughly tackle all hirsuteness between the legs with Strip’s specially formulated wax – strawberry or chocolate scented, no less – that minimises the pain of ripping hair off your tender bits. There might be post-treatment sensitivity, so put at least 24hrs between your waxing and hitting the pool or beach. Also recommended: Strip’s SCO Peace+ ($55.64), which helps soothe and repair skin, and goes a step further by retarding hair growth.

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