These Body Treatments Will Get You In Shape Just In Time For The Festive Season

The non-invasive treatments at ICON Aesthetics come with instant results and minimal downtime.
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The festive season is upon us! And though gatherings are looking to be smaller and more intimate this year, we still want to look our best. Ahead, here are the three aesthetic treatments at ICON Aesthetics that promise to have you looking in your best shape while being completely painless, with quick results, and minimal downtime. 


1. 360° Freeze Treatment 

Got common problem areas such as stubborn fat around your stomach, thighs and arms, or even a double chin? This is the treatment for you. 


The 360° Freeze  is a KDFA approved non-invasive body contouring treatment that works to eliminate fat cells through exposure to cold temperatures (hence, ‘freezing’ them), allowing the treated areas of your body to appear visibly toned and contoured in just one session.It even works in smaller areas such as the double chin, one of the hardest areas to treat without resorting to surgery.


The treatment works by applying cooling plates on your treatment area to freeze fat cells, while leaving other tissues, such as your skin, blood vessels, and nerves unharmed. The unwanted fat cells begin to crystallise with continued exposure and are then expelled from the body as waste, leaving you with a contoured change in the treated area. 


Unlike traditional fat freezing treatments, the 360° Freeze features a unique 360 full coverage applicator, which results in a higher fat loss percentage of up to 40% compared to other treatments which have up to 25% fat loss.  And for the time strapped, you’ll be happy to hear that this treatment can also allow up to four sessions to be done at one go.


Trial Price: $98 (U.P.$598) for 1 session and $188 (U.P. $1,196) for 2 sessions. Terms and conditions apply.


2. EMShape Treatment 

Can’t quite squeeze a workout in or are just not witnessing quick enough results? Here's a treatment that's just like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes. EMShape is non-invasive and pain-free, using a high-intensity focused magnetic stimulation technology to stimulate an intense muscle workout to remodel and enhance your muscles, while burning fat at the same time. 


The pain-free process using electro-magnetic waves cause intense contractions to enhance the release of adrenaline, which triggers a cascade effect, leading to supramaximal lipolysis in fat cells, and a shrink in volume and are eliminated from the body.


This treatment is also an effective solution for mother’s looking to rid of their post-pregnancy ‘pooch’. 


Trial Price: $380 (U.P. $698) for 1 session. Terms and conditions apply.

3. CRYOCONTOUR Treatment 

Trim fat while imbuing your skin with a radiant glow with the Cryocontour treatment. It works by exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures to increase blood circulation, while increasing collagen production and metabolic and caloric burn that comes packed with permanent fat freezing, tightening, cellulite reduction and anti-wrinkle benefits.


Trial Price: $188 (U.P. $698) for 1 session. Terms and conditions apply.


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