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Bid adieu to pesky lines and wrinkles – advanced science and research has made looking younger easier
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Tales of the fountain of youth persist – but whether it actually exists (or existed), nobody knows for certain. Still, the idea of being forever young is enticing and until the elusive fountain is uncovered, science is our next best bet. More than just a myth, today’s anti-ageing treatments and skincare are backed by numbers and evidence showing tangible results. Parisian brand Sothys’ new Youth Intensive Treatment and line of Youth Creams are testament to that.

Around 80% of aging is said to be caused by the environment, while 20% is purely biological. That leaves a lot of room for potential to change our fates. A product of cutting-edge science and technology, the range of five Youth Creams contains a special component called βP3. Tri-Complex™, which could just be the solution. Created by the Sothys Advanced Research team, the βP3 is a tri-complex solution that contains two botanical active ingredients (saffron and sophora) with new generation peptides. These components work together to fight oxidative stress and signs of chronological ageing. The line of creams consist of the Firming Youth Cream (that comes in two different textures), Restructuring Youth Cream, Redensifying Youth Cream, Vitality Youth Cream, and Wrinkle Targeting Youth Cream. Each has a specific objective and takes you a step closer to youthful looking skin.


Available exclusively at Sothys salons here, the Youth Intensive Treatment is a 90-minute facial that combats signs of ageing in seven phases. It starts off with two steps of exfoliation, followed by multi-zoning action, which uses specific products to target different areas on the face, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lift slackened skin. This includes some of the brand's star products: high performance serums.

After steps to hydrate the skin and an indulgent three-layer masking towards the end of the treatment, specific youth serums that launched in July this year and a youth cream are selected according to the needs of the client and applied for a pleasant finale.

After just one session, results showed that test subjects’ wrinkles were 30% smoother and their skin was 35% firmer. After three treatments, results improved to 51% and 50% respectively. In other words, a course of three treatments have the potential to make skin look up to six years younger. It’s not hard to believe, considering the sophisticated products and ingredients used to target specific skin concerns. 


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