Skincare Game Changers: Will This Smart Masking Device Improve My Skin?

The FOREO UFO 2 Combines LED light therapy with sheet masking.
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Masking is an entire ritual of its own. Run a bath, light some incense on while listening to calming music… An ideal Sunday night activity, if you ask us. But having the right face mask can make all the difference. 

Which is why coming across the FOREO UFO 2 really stood out. It’s purportedly an elevated masking experience: an at-home facial masking device, it utilises the technology of LED light therapy with UFO-formulated sheet masks, and a range of functions including the Thermo and Cryo-therapy (heating and cooling) functions for increased absorption and maximum skincare benefits.

A spa-quality facial from the comfort of my own home? I had to give it a go.

First, the basics...

The UFO 2, created by Swedish beauty-tech label FOREO (who also launched the cult-favourite cleansing brush, LUNA) is a 90-second sonic-powered masking device that comes with a charging cord, stand for your countertop, and a FOREO app to connect with via Bluetooth. Though it comes with it’s own range of UFO activated masks (from smoothing Acai Berry to purifying green tea)  it’s also compatible with most sheet masks to enhance absorption and skin benefits. 

The app walks you through everything, from setup to mask treatments, and tells you all about the feature’s you’ll experience - full spectrum LED light, thermo-theray, cryo-therapy, and advanced T-sonic pulsations for a professional-grade facial treatment --  added features from its 2018 predecessor.

How it works...

There have been numerous studies that have attested to the effectiveness of using LED light therapy to treat skin concerns. According to Dr Rachel Ho, Aesthetic doctor & Medical Director of La Clinic, Singapore, LED (which stands for Light Emitting Diode) works by emitting light of various wavelengths to alter the cellular activity of the skin -- to stimulate, heal and regenerate skin cells. 

As for sheet masks, repeated use can work to improve skin over time through something called the occlusion phenomenon: the longer the contact with skin, the  improved skin uptake of ingredients. Added with its ability to trap moisture, this makes it especially useful for hydration or to calm skin. 

1619595455934462 ufo 2 open pack magenta
What you'll find in your UFO 2 pack

How it went down...

With all the new functions, I assumed that figuring everything out would be a painful process. But I found it to be quite the opposite. Thanks to the app (which was highly intuitive), it walks you through the entire process of masking, from connecting to the UFO device, inserting the sheet mask, to the masking ritual itself, where all the settings, LED or otherwise, are already set for you, so everything was easy-peasy.

The app’s voice was also incredibly soothing, giving you verbal instructions (i.e. to move the UFO in circular motions across your face) while the device works its magic, emitting LED light, pulsations and an increase or decrease in temperature. Combined, it felt like I got a spa-like experience in just under 90 seconds. 

And the results...

I used it daily for a week after cleansing, treating it like a deep and thorough moisturise before moving on to the next stage of my beauty routine. Immediately after treatment, my skin felt tighter, more energized and glowy. After a few days, my skin felt deeply hydrated and plumper. 

And as far as at-home facials goes, this was certainly a game changer. This app condensed my usual 20-minute mask session into a short 90-seconds, making it especially beneficial for days where I was feeling time-strapped.

It has also retained some of the best parts of masking: giving off that added feeling of invigoration and relaxation with each use. 

The UFO™ 2 (SGD 428) and UFO™ mini 2 (SGD 280) are available online at FOREO Official Store, FOREO Official Store on Lazada, ZALORA,,, and in-store at Sephora Singapore, TANGS at Tang Plaza and Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City.

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