Partied Too Hard? Return To Tip-Top Form With These Treatments

We've got the best treatments for post-party hell right here.
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Eat, drink, party, pass out – then wake up and repeat the sequence. If that’s what your festive calendar looks like, then keep your skin, figure and hair in tip-top shape with these pampering cheats.

For: When you need to fit into skinny jeans, stat
What it is: While it’s a machine-based massage treatment designed to lift, contour and break down stubborn fats, it’s not a substitute for quick weight loss or significant slimming, but rather, a re-shaper of sorts, for those who have exercised and dieted down to their desired weight and size, but find small areas impossible to look good – saggy butts, loose skin on their stomachs, and visible cellulite on otherwise-slim thighs. First, the therapist applies a cream that supposedly boosts the sculpting effect of the massage onto the hips and thighs, then I have to put on a white knit unitard that makes me look like an extra in a ‘60s sci-fi show. The unitard is meant to protect the skin from the rolling massager-head, and makes it easier to glide. The massage itself feels like the loose bits of my body is being sucked into the massager-head then rolled and kneaded firmly, and despite how it sounds, feels quite pleasant. After 45 minutes or so, the treatment is over, and the therapist then applies a firming serum onto the treated areas. My thighs look slimmer and my bottom looks higher and more lifted. The effect was instant and lasted for a few days, before going back to normal – for lasting results, the treatment should be done regularly over the course of several months.
Price & place: S$188 for the first trial

LPG Endermospa #05-22A Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6509-0091


For: Insuring your complexion against last minute breakouts
What it is: Although it will require regular monthly sessions to treat those with severe recurrent acne, one session can significantly reduce further outbreaks. The treatment begins with ultrasonic cleansing, which uses ultrasonic waves via a metal scrubbing device to loosen comedones and sebum plugs rooted within the pores – it emits an alarmingly loud metal tinkling sound, but is completely painless. Remaining stubborn blackheads are then extracted manually, so that there are no more lingering clogs in the skin. Next, a light-based therapy called TheraClear is used to destroy acne-causing bacteria – as the device is applied onto the skin, it employs fairly strong suction which is supposed to bring the skin closer to the light to ensure that every inch is treated, and feels like a warm cup of tea being passed over the skin. Finally, the skin is treated a healing mask to soothe and reduce redness and inflammation. The mask, which smells strongly of eucalyptus and boasts anti-acne benefits, is extremely cold to the point of almost giving me a brain freeze, but post-treatment, I show no signs of swelling, only the extraction marks, which are easily covered with makeup. My skin felt instantly smoother and more radiant, and for the first time I saw all my whiteheads gone.
Price: S$250

IDS Clinic #05-07 Novena Specialist Centre, Tel: 6568-35555


For: Rebuilding delicate, damaged strands and protecting from further damage
What it is: A customisable deep repairing in-salon treatment that takes only about an hour. Depending on the hair condition, there are three levels of programmes: Rectify, for virgin hair that undergo constant heat styling, Restore, for hair that has undergone one chemical process within the last six months, and Reconstruct, for very damaged hair that has undergone more than one chemical process within the last size months. The treatment’s signature ingredient, Aptyl 1000, is an amino acid-based complex that fills in the gaps in damaged strands and rebuilds the hair cortex, using electromagnetic ionic charge to adhere to the strands so the repair effects last through several washes. The treatment begins with a thorough shampoo, followed by a detangling concentrate which improves the absorption of the Regenerate Long-lasting Care Activator, a thick, balm-like hair mask. The mask is then sealed into the hair shaft via a sub-zero ice-cold flat iron, which reduces frizz without the damage of hot irons. Finally, the mask is rinsed out and the hair is blown dry. My extremely bleached hair was immediately glossy and bouncy, instead of limp and fragile, and true to its claims, stayed that way even after several washes. There’s also a home-care range ($26-$50) that stretch the results even further.
Price: S$168 to S$198 (From now till 31 December, each Pro Fiber Professional Treatment comes with a free haircut and Pro Fiber Re-Boost Homecare Monodose)

J’s Salon, Level 3 Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Tel: 6834-0012



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