New Rules, New Faces: See How These Instagram Makeup Artists Redefine The Beauty Game

Breaking the monotony of contoured cheekbones, highlighted noses and luscious lashes, these Instagrammers are pushing the envelope of makeup artistry – with captivating results.
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Remember Ezra Miller’s seven-eyed makeup look at the Met Gala? Of course, you do. That was the surrealist work of Mimi Choi, a professional makeup artist from Vancouver who is often credited for kickstarting the beauty illusions trend. Ezra’s “kaleidoscope” look is just one Mimi’s many hypnotic makeup experiments, all of which drive home the message that beauty is an illusion – and vice versa.



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Frances O’Sullivan’s dolled-up portraits are a one-way ticket through cinema’s glamorous past. Playing both the artist and the muse, the London model brings to life a beauty aesthetic inspired by screen sirens of yesteryear: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. Her obsession with old Hollywood – something she shares with Lana Del Rey, another influence – even extends to her wardrobe; her transformations are often completed with wigs and vintage-style clothing. 



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Unlike her #lynskidare challenge that had people playfully swirling eyeliner or red lipstick all over their faces, Lynski’s beauty looks are a lot less defined by lines. Instead, the Latvian-born, London-based makeup artist blends iridescent hues onto her models’ skin with soft, delicate brushstrokes, resulting in ethereal looks that seem out of focus. Though at odds with beauty’s current obsession with the ultra-defined, Lynski’s signature blurry touch has already brought her some fans, including Brooke Candy who recently tapped her for her latest music video.



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Fire engine red hair is enough to get anyone’s attention, but it’s Juliana Horner’s equally bold beauty looks that trigger a double-take. The Nashville-based makeup artist (emphasis on “artist”) marries a myriad of influences including ’60s retrofuturism, ’70s glam rock and ’80s maximalism to create rainbow-hued looks that scream “Ziggy Stardust”. It’s no wonder she has gained a significant Instagram following – enough to launch her own makeup brand, Claropsyche.



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If you’ve done FKA Twigs’ makeup, it’s safe to assume that your looks are anything but boring. And that is certainly the case for British makeup artist Bea Sweet, whose use of colour is as diverse as her casting of models. With a penchant for loud eye makeup, Bea’s creative cosmetic feats include Dua Lipa’s silver holographic eyeliner and Kali Uchis’endlessly recreated red-winged eyeshadow look for her album cover.

This story was first seen in the August 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.

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