Let’s Get Physical: M.A.C Work It Out Collection

What do you get when you combine high-performing colour with the art of fitness? The M.A.C Work It Out Collection

Nothing screams the 1980's louder than an entire collection inspiredby the colours of athleisure and fitness. M.A.C's new Work It Out Collection is reminiscent of the times when Madonna’s hit song, “Physical Attraction” had us head-banging to the upbeat rhythm.

The colours of this collection are far from lacklustre. Consisting of vibrant technicolours, it is perfect for the experimental makeup enthusiasts or 80's kids with a bout of nostalgia.

MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_GenuineOrange_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Genuine Orange
MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_LandscapeGreen_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Landscape Green
MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_MarineUltra_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Marine Ultra
MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_PrimaryYellow_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Primary Yellow
MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_ProcessMagenta_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Magenta
MAC_Work It Out_ChromagraphicPencil_RichPurple_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_FlexAppeal_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Flex Appeal
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_LoveYourBody_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Love Your Body
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_Nice Cheeks_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Nice Cheeks
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_OhMyLunge_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Oh My Lunge
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_Ripped_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Ripped
MAC_Work It Out_CrystalGlazeGloss_SixxxPack_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Crystal Glaze Gloss in Sixxx Pack
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_3DBlackLash_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in 3D BlackLash
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_AbsOfSteel_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Abs of Steel
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_CoolDown_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Cool Down
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_Energized_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Energised
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_FeelMyPulse_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Feel My Pulse
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_GymDandy_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Gym Dandy
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_HeartRatesRising_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Heart Rates Rising
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_HoldFor10_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Hold For 10
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_HottieWithABody_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Hottie With A Body
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_MuscleTee_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Muscle Tee
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_NoPainNoGain_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in No Pain No Gain
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_SkyIsTheLimit_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Sky Is The Limit
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_SpinAndTwist_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Spin And Twist
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_SquatItSugar_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Squat It Sugar
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_SweatyBetty_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Sweaty Betty
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_WarmUp_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Warm Up
MAC_Work It Out_InExtremeDimensionMascara_WellToned_white_300dpi_1.jpg
In Extreme Dimension Mascara in Well Toned
MAC_Work It Out_Lipstick_BiCeptual_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Lipstick in Bi-Ceptual
MAC_Work It Out_Lipstick_Musculinity_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Lipstick in Musculinity
MAC_Work It Out_Lipstick_NotSoDumbBells_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Lipstick in Not So DumbBells
MAC_Work It Out_Lipstick_Testosterone_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Lipstick in Testosterone
MAC_Work It Out_PrepPlusPrimeFixSizedToGo_Coconut_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Prep Plus Prime Fix Sized To Go in Coconut
MAC_Work It Out_PrepPlusPrimeFixSizedToGo_Lavender_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Prep Plus Prime Fix Sized To Go in Lavender
MAC_Work It Out_PrepPlusPrimeFixSizedToGo_Rose_white_300dpi_1.jpg
Prep Plus Prime Fix Sized To Go in Rose
MAC_Work It Out_StudioQuiktrikStick_HereYouGoAllAflush_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Studio Quiktrik Stick in Here You Go & All Aflush
MAC_Work It Out_StudioQuiktrikStick_SoftSideALatteSheen_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Studio Quiktrik Stick in Soft Side & A Latte Sheen
MAC_Work It Out_StudioQuiktrikStick_WhiffOfPinkSoftlyDoesIt_white_300dpi_2.jpg
Studio Quiktrik Stick in Whiff of Pink & Softly Does It

Amp up your lashes with generous coats of the In Extreme Dimension Mascara, as the “Sky Is The Limit”, when you are rocking the lash game. Need a pop of colour on your lips? Pucker up and apply the Crystal Glaze Gloss to get that “Flex Appeal”. Bored of the mundane black liners? No problem, the Chromagraphic Pencils come equipped with vivid colours like “Process Magenta” and “Genuine Orange”.

Want your cheeks to have that flush of colour and that glow? M.A.C Studio Quiktrik Sticks will do the trick in barely-there shades of 'Whiff of Pink', 'Softly Does It',  'Soft Side, 'A Latte Sheen', 'Here You Go' and 'All Aflush'. For a hint of fragrance, the new and improved Prep + Prime Fix+ is available in three different scents: Rose, Coconut, and Lavender. 

The M.A.C Work It Out Collection is now available at M.A.C stores and locations. 

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