Confessions of a Beauty Queen: Olivia Culpo

The self-confessed beauty junkie reveals her secret to staying zen and biggest beauty faux pas
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Looking camera-ready 24/7 is all in a day’s work for self-confessed beauty junkie and former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo. After clinching the coveted crown back in 2012, the 25 year-old has gone on to become the modern day multi-hyphenate; juggling numerous roles as a model, actor, and TV host – all while killing it on Instagram with her runway-ready style. So how does she do it all without breaking a sweat?

In town recently for the reveal of Skin Inc’s newest innovation, Olivia shares with us her secret to staying zen, biggest beauty regrets, and how she has changed since her pageant days.

How did you come to learn about Skin Inc?

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare, especially LED light therapy. I’ve bought so many LED devices but they’re all really big and bulky. So naturally, after finding out about Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, I became a fan of the brand and its products.


Which products are your favourite?

Definitely the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light. It’s the only battery-operated LED light therapy device I’ve come across and I love how easy it is to use anytime, anywhere. The new Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask is another one of my favourites. Where I live, it’s freezing with zero humidity. Exfoliation is key and this product does it so well.  

You wear many hats – model, actor, TV host, Instagram sensation (2.5 million followers and counting) and philanthropist. How do you deal with your busy schedule and the pressure of being in the spotlight?

It all boils down to mind over matter; taking it one day at a time and not letting myself get so overwhelmed. It’s important not to waste time worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. I also find that exercise, meditation, and taking breaks every once in a while are really helpful.

How has your attitude towards beauty evolved since competing in pageants?

These days, I’m more open to taking risks and trying new things such as LED light therapy. I’m also more attuned to what my body tells me. It’s important to realise that skincare comes from the inside out and that skin damage is the number one cause of ageing. I control my sodium and alcohol intake and try to abstain from dairy.


What is the biggest beauty faux pas you’ve made?

I wish that I knew about subtlety when I was younger. I used to wear false eyelashes with bright red lipstick – totally over-the-top. But I’ve since realised that less is more; I look better when I adopt a more natural look.

You've had a busy year! What were the highlights of 2017?

There are so many to name! The biggest one was the release of my movie, American Satan. Apart from that, walking for the Zadig & Voltaire runway show at New York Fashion Week, launching my capsule collection with Pretty Little Thing, opening a restaurant with my family in Rhode Island, buying my first apartment in L.A. Oh! And my boyfriend (Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots) winning the Super Bowl – that was really exciting. 


What are you up to in 2018? 

I have a lot of exciting things coming up that you'll soon find out. But professional projects aside, I’d like to tick a few places, like Hawaii, Bali and the rest of Asia, off my travel bucket list. I also want to do more on my website and start making videos on YouTube to connect with my fans.


Images:, Instagram @oliviaculpo, and courtesy of Skin Inc.



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