Iris Law is Back With Full Brows & Cat Eyes

She made a pouty debut as the new face of Burberry Beauty back in spring. This time she’s back with full brows and a feline-flicked liner
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One could say that Iris Law was born winning the genetic lottery. With piercing features like her bright dreamy green eyes, porcelain-clear skin, a prominent pout and strong facial contours inherited from her celebrity parents (actor Jude Law and fashion designer Sadie Frost), Law embodies the Burberry's definition of timeless British beauty. 

At the tender age of sixteen, Law is swiftly creating a name for herself in the fashion and beauty world. Earlier this spring, she followed in the footsteps of past Burberry Beauty faces such as Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and made her first global campaign debut as the new face of the British label while featuring its statement-making range of Liquid Lip Velvets. 

This time she’s back in the campaign for the new Burberry Cat Eye Liner and Full Brows to help you ensure that your wing and eyebrows are always on point. 

Law tells us more about her beauty tips and routines, past eyebrow mishaps and how she personally uses the Burberry Cat Eye Liner. 


What’s your go-to eye make-up look for every day? 

A little bit of mascara, lip balm on the lid and Burberry Face Contour in the crease of the eye. And I fill in the roots of my lashes with dots of Burberry Cat Eye Liner.  


Do you have any secret eyeliner tips?

I find that eyeliner is really great for filling in gaps between lashes and making them look fuller at the roots.


If you could have a ‘feline flick’ like anyone else’s, whose would it be?

That would have to be Audrey Hepburn.




When and where do you wear eyeliner and what’s your preferred look? 

Sometimes I'll wear eyeliner on a casual occasion or sometimes to go out to a dinner or something more dressed up. I feel that, like any make-up, you can simply adjust eyeliner according to the occasion. I usually do quite humble flicks that go across the lash line and have small fine corners. I sometimes use a red lip liner, like Burberry Lip Definer in Military Red [No.09], to make a thicker flick, which is great to accentuate the eye colour if you have blue or green eyes. 

If you could have brows similar to anyone else’s, whose would you have?

A: I think brows are very specific to your face and I'm happy with mine. I often wish I could pull off the super-thin drawn-on eyebrows from the 1920s, just because they're very sweet and I think they complement eyeshadow in an interesting way. I wouldn't want them all the time, though!


Any eyebrow mishaps in the past?

When I was younger and just starting to become interested in make-up and things, I asked my friend to pluck my eyebrows. We were both quite young and I definitely didn't need them plucked. She accidentally took a huge clump from my right brow – and I think there's always going to be a tiny gap there. 




 Can you describe your eyebrow routine? 

I don't pluck or thread my eyebrows, I usually just brush them upwards or into shape, depending on what mood I'm in, using some hairspray on an old mascara brush. I never really used make-up on my eyebrows because I couldn't find the right one, and I felt as though it made my eyebrows look overly filled in. But, when I tried Burberry Full Brows in Ash Brown [No.03] it looked so natural that it liked it. I mainly just used the water-based liner. 

Frame your visage with the new Full Brows ($52); designed for effortless application with a customisable finish, it features a two-step approach: a water-based liner to define and fill the end by mimicking hairlike strokes and the other end consisting of powder-wax shadow to build, add intensity and set the product. 

The new waterproof and long-wearing Cat Eye Liner ($62) is created with a calligraphy-inspired brush liner that allows for ultra-precise application and grants you versatility when it comes to customising the boldness of your line. Change up the look with the cushion-cone shaped applicator on the opposite, where it is infused with silk-powder to intensify or add shape to the eye makeup. 

Watch Burberry Beauty's new Cat Eye Liner and Full Brows campaign video starring Iris Law below. 

New Burberry Cat Eye Liner and Full Brows starring Iris Law



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