Beauty Talk with Dr. Georgia Lee

In conversation with the homegrown beauty mogul
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She's better known as the celebrity doctor with a killer sense of style.

But Dr. Georgia Lee is also the brains behind one of Singapore's biggest success stories in the beauty industry. An unfortunate allergic reaction to an antibiotic 14 years ago first sparked her interest in skincare — and since then, it has evolved into A DrBrand: a bonafide beauty empire spanning an award-winning line of skincare, body and haircare products and four spas across the island.

With her gaze firmly trained on the future, Dr. Lee is not one to rest on her laurels. Here, she shares her motto and what's next for this inspiring entrepreneur.

You're an advocate of the "less is more" school of thought. How do incorporate that into your daily practice?

I practise it in every aspect of my life whenever possible, be it personally or professionally. I believe that skincare should be simple. For instance, I only use five products: the drGL Lightening Cleanser, Oil Control Toner, Post Cleanser Step 2 (a chemical exfoliator), Eye Repair Brightening Gel, and finally, the Anti-Aging Sun Protector, which I apply to my face and all over my body. I prefer to dedicate five minutes everyday to protect my skin rather than undergo treatments in the future to reverse the signs of photoaging. The cost and time saved is worth the effort I put in now.


In the last decade, you’ve developed a skincare, body and haircare line and founded DrSpa. Did you ever imagine that you'd one day build such an impressive beauty empire?

We’re not quite there yet but our team is hardworking, ambitious and driven, and we have set our sights far. Before launching DrGL, I spent six years understanding and developing skincare and studying the retail market. That part of the journey is important for any new brand and I’m so glad now that our brand DNA has resonated well with our customers. Now is the time to continue growing the brand.

Which DrGL products are you most proud of?

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers about how Skin Repair has helped them. One of our customers also noticed that her wound from a bad cut healed faster after layering the Restore Gel under a prescriptive from her doctor. As for myself, I cannot do without the Post Cleanser Step 2 (which is a gentle chemical exfoliant) and the multi-tasking Anti-Aging Sun Protector.


What’s next on your agenda?

We’ve certainly been busy. This year, we will launch a new cream with hyaluronic acid that will deliver hyaluronic acid to your skin, lock in moisture at the surface and plump it up for a dewy look. As for treatments, we’re currently in the final stages of developing a haircare treatment catered for a wider audience.

What are some bad beauty habits Singaporean women (and men) are guilty of?

The biggest no-no is applying sun protection products only to your face while neglecting the eyelids and the rest of your body. Every part of your skin undergoes the same aging process and deserves equal amounts of TLC to prevent UV damage.

How will the future of beauty look?

The ‘clean’, healthy and unadulterated look is here to stay. With the surge of products on the market to improve your complexion, firm up skin and lengthen eyelashes, I believe the future of beauty will focus on youthfulness and vitality.

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