L'Officiel Nose: Ezra Woods and Alia Raza of Régime des Fleurs

For the first installment in our fragrance series, the olfactory duo discusses their unisex scent, Falling Trees.
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Ezra Woods and Alia Raza are bringing a youthful, creative edge to fragrance. When they founded Régime des Fleurs in 2014, Woods came from a styling background and Raza from video art. This has led to an aesthetic-driven approach to scent organized by collections: Fait Main started it all by marketing the founders’ handmade, artisan experiments, Personal/Space focuses on the body and environment, and Artefacts is nostalgic for ancient times. As many 21st-century entrepreneurs do, the duo started and grew their brand through their website and social media, but earlier this year, they opened their first storefront atelier earlier this year in Los Angeles. The space is minimalist chic with its white walls, flowers, and clean shelving, which seems to indicate that even though fans can finally enjoy an in-person experience, they may want to snap a photo and send the visually pleasing vibes right back to Instagram.

Embracing a world that increasingly challenges the gender binary, the majority of Régime des Fleurs’ fragrances are unisex. This includes their entire Pour Tous collection, a quintet of eaux de perfume taking inspiration from the sublime drama of the botanical kingdom. A standout from this line is Falling Trees, a fresh and smoldering mix of oak, myrrh, tree moss, olibanum, and the essential oils of elemi, juniper, and cypriol. True to its name, the fragrance emanates understanding, connection, and renewal, making it the perfect inaugural subject of L'Officiel Nose. Below, Woods and Raza discuss their arboreal creation by answering some fun questions.

If your fragrance was the star of its own movie, which actor would play the starring role? 

The young version would be Joaquin Phoenix. The older counterpart would be the writer James Baldwin.


What color does your fragrance smell like? 
Smoky Topaz.


Which city/place in the world does your fragrance encapsulate best?
A Romanian monastery shrouded by woods.


If you had to place your fragrance in an iconic decade, which one would it be? 
The late '60s or early '70s.


What item from your wardrobe would you compare your scent to?
A vintage Yves Saint Laurent teddy jacket in brown.


What music artist do you think your fragrance most aligns with? 
Hank Williams.


If your fragrance had a night out on the town, what drink would it order at the bar? 
Warm whiskey.


If you were to relate your new scent to a book, what would it be?
Peter Wohlleben's The Hidden Life of Trees actually inspired the fragrance, but anything by Henry David Thoreau would work, too.


If your new fragrance had a soundtrack, what three sounds would play once you spray the scent?
An organ, a pedal steel guitar, and a cello playing in tandem.


If your fragrance wasn’t called Falling Trees, what would it be called?

Tree of Life.

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