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Known for its moisturising benefits on hair, argan oil is also a powerful ally of skincare
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How can you not love argan oil? This potent ingredient, which comes directly from Morocco, has become a beauty favourite of influencers everywhere, gaining popularity in its pure form and in products. Although its benefits for the skin are not as widespread, it is a precious component for skincare, offering a series of benefits such as moisturising, antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties

It is also important to note that argan oil is of high concentration and, in its natural form, is extremely potent. To help you learn about its benefits and how to include it in your skin care routine, we speak to dermatologist Dr. Sara Bragança and Dr. Fernanda Casagrande.

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What is argan oil?

“Argan oil is a natural product resulting from the pressure of extracted almonds and Argan nuts, a tree available only in the territory of the biosphere reserve in southern Morocco,” explains Dr. Fernanda. According to her, the oil contains carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, steroids and vitamin E which are all potent antioxidants.


According to Dr. Sara, argan oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, fungicidal and moisturising properties. In its composition, there is squalene, which according to Dr. Fernanda is one of the moisturizing components that has the greatest capacity to penetrate the skin, this is because it is very similar with the natural oils of the skin. “Human skin is made up of natural oils and squalene represents 25% of its composition. Steroids work by “imitating” human steroids to help restore the function of the transepidermal barrier.”

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Who should use it:

Argan oil is suitable for all skin types. However, Dr. Sara reveals that those with oily skin should be more cautious, applying as little product as possible, as even though the spreadability is good, excess oil can clog pores. “It is ndicated for better skin hydration, severe dryness, psoriasis, prevention of wrinkles and stretch marks. It also has an anti-acne effect ”.

How to use argan oil on your skin:

Argan oil can be used in two ways: either pure oil, in its natural form - which can be applied directly to the skin or hair - or in cosmetic formulations, in which its concentration is lower - ranging from 2 to 10 %.

“In its pure form, a few drops, around 5, is enough to be applied to the entire face. Because it is very concentrated, the application can be done every 3 days,” explains Dr. Sara. “In cosmetic forms, oil penetration and absorption is facilitated, especially for acne-prone skin."

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