Bodyscuplting With The Sloane Clinic

Combine the potency of two procedures — Coolsculpting PLUS and Thermage — to target both fat and saggy bits together.
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You can say that The Sloane Clinic has put the best of both worlds into one body-perfecting Coolshape Program. The long-established chain has hit on the ingenious idea of offering its patients both Coolsculpting PLUS and Thermage, and it makes a lot of sense when you delve into the workings of each procedure.

For starters, Coolsculpting has been hailed for some time as a non-invasive body shaping treatment that reduces fat in specific areas of the body without downtime. A great alternative to liposuction, its name hints at the way it works — Coolsculpting uses cold to diminish fat cells in the body and improves the contours. The procedure works best for those who are already in quite good shape but need a little help in tricky areas where love handles and muffin tops are most prevalent and where even a consistent diet-and-exercise regimen may fail to correct.

The Sloane Clinic’s Coolsculpting PLUS version is supplemented with skin regenerating and lymphatic drainage therapy. The reason: by making sure that the lymphatic drainage of the surrounding tissues is optimal, fat cells are more quickly broken down so you can enjoy faster visible results and also less recovery time.

Next, in comes Body Shape by Thermage, which promises to firm and lift up those loose, sagging parts of your body like the tummy and thighs. After all, it’s all very good that Coolsculpting has worked on your fat cells but you’d want your outer skin to look taut and firm too.

Thermage uses a unique radiofrequency technology to heat the dermis and subcutaneous tissue deeply while the surface skin is simultaneously cooled to protect it and keep you feeling comfortable. Deep tissue heating is believed to tighten existing collagen — which breaks down much faster than it can be replenished in ageing skin — as well as stimulate your skin’s natural collagen renewal process.

The Coolshape Program is priced at $13,910 and comprises eight Coolsculpting sessions, eight Skin Regenerating Therapies and one session of Body Thermage. Coolsculpting is only available at The Sloane Clinic’s Ion Orchard branch.

The Sloane Clinic is at: 

  • CitySphere — 30 Raffles Place #03-01 Chevron House (tel: 6533 2522)
  • VillageSpace — 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-66 Chip Bee Gardens (tel: 6471 1108)
  • Ion — 2 Orchard Turn #03-14A Ion Orchard (tel: 6509 8108)
  • Plastic Surgery Centre — 10 Sinaran Drive #08-35 Novena Medical Centre (tel: 6397 6848)

This article was first published in L’Officiel Singapore.



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