Beauty Secrets Brought Back From The Cannes Film Festival

Revealed during previous editions of the festival, Naomi Watts, Irina Shayk, Julianne Moore, and Lara Stone spill all
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Naomi Watts

"You can do miracles with makeup. During a shoot, one makeup artist gave me precious advice, which I now apply to the letter, such as colouring in my eyebrows and applying blush only to the top of my cheeks. I also try to accent the eyes, because that is very important."

Irina Shayk

"My beauty secret is washing my face with ice water every morning. If I've had a late night, I dab the eye area with ice cubes. It is ideal for toning the skin and reducing puffiness. I also try not to drink coffee, but green tea instead, and I drink water throughout the day. Lastly, I try to protect myself as much as possible from the sun."

Julianne Moore

"My mother always advised me to flee from the sun. Ever since I was 24, I've put sunscreen on every day, regardless of what the weather is like. When it comes to my hair, I would love to be able to just wash it, but no, it's too wavy, so I either straighten it or tie it up. As for makeup, I use it so much for work that I don't even think about it once I leave the film set. In general, professional makeup artists try to give me a natural effect, with longer and darker lashes."

Lara Stone

"My exercise routine? Carrying my baby around all day is exercise enough! As for makeup, it helps me to feel more confident, but there's nothing better than sleeping and staying hydrated for a beautiful complexion."

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