The Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

The secret is out: local skincare brand Ashleigh Ivory has the solution to your aging woes
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Too much time under the sun? Long hours at work with not enough rest? We're all guilty of these bad habits. Coupled with stress, chemicals, pollutants, and the ever-prevalent threat of ageing, our skin needs all the help it can get. Enter: Ashleigh Ivory.

With the belief that beauty comes from Mother Nature (without needing to go under the knife), this homegrown skincare brand aims to help the modern-day woman fight against the signs of aging and achieve youthful looking skin with its two new star products: the Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum and Black Diamond Beauty Roller.

Specially-formulated by Ashleigh Ivory's team of skin experts, the 100% natural and chemical-free Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum is the first step in your new and improved skincare routine. It contains Fuji Shiitake mushroom, a natural antioxidant 'miracle' ingredient which contains eight essential amino acids, vitamin C, and Kojic Acid – beneficial in brightening and firming up the skin, reducing acne scars, and fading pigmentation.

To complement the effects of the serum, Ashleigh Ivory has developed the Black Diamond Beauty Roller: a special lightweight facial device that fights the seven signs of ageing. It lifts sagging cheeks, reduces crow's feet, diminishes fine lines, smoothes furrow lines and wrinkles, and softens frown lines. How? Through its unique design, which was handcrafted from three terahertz ores. With each terahertz ore containing a diamond cut with 48 facets, the beauty roller provides gentle stimulation while delivering the Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum deeper into the skin for optimum results. 

The Black Diamond Beauty Roller is versatile and can be used for different purposes. When soaked in warm water and rolled over the face, the beauty roller opens pores and promotes blood circulation, while rolling a beauty roller immersed in cold water will close pores and tighten skin. In addition, the beauty roller can also be used to treat fatigue, reduce puffiness around the eyes, clear facial lymph nodes blockages, and smooth out any fine lines. 

Together, the Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum and Black Diamond Beauty Roller set is a must-have addition to every woman's beauty arsenal.


The Ashleigh Ivory Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum and Black Diamond Beauty Roller box set is now available for pre-order at a special price of $399 (original price $608). Place your order at or on Facebook

For more info, email or tel. 9754 3394.


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