5 Beauty Minutes With: My Cozy Room, Singapore’s Award Winning Beauty Spa

We speak with the founder on her skincare advice, and why people still prefer going to a cozy place to feel at home
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The world of beauty is a fast moving one to be in, but if there is one facial spa which has remained consistently popular over the years, it has to be My Cozy Room. Don’t be fooled by it’s humble and unassuming exterior - their facial treatments really do work. They have consistently won numerous facial treatment awards since 2015, with their most popular facial being the anti-acne facial. 

Extractions are typically a painful and rather excruciating matter for most individuals, but My Cozy Room has found a way to provide gentle yet thorough extractions with minimal pain and redness. That’s right, you’ll be left with minimal blotchy red patches on your face after treatment, making it perfect for those plagued with clogged pores and problematic acne. 

The spa has also introduced newer treatments, such as the Royal Bird’s Nest Facial (120mins)  aimed at targeting dullness, pigmentation and ageing, using the nourishing and regenerative powers of bird’s nest. This includes exfoliation, facial masks, and dynamic radiofrequency, all enriched with the essence of bird’s nest, and an anti-aging facial massage and soothing crystal eye massage for a complete rejuvenation. The treatment ends off with a luxurious Bird's Nest Alginate Treatment Mask for optimal glow and radiance.

With years of beauty knowledge under their helm, we spoke with Celine Chan, the founder of the spa, on her treatments, beauty secrets, and just how often one should attend facials.

You’re known for your extractions. What do you think sets your extractions apart from everyone else?

We believe that extractions should not be a fearful process, and it can be done in a gentle method to accompany the pampering facial experience. 

We have a strong focus on providing “back to basics” manual extraction coupled with the use of premium products over the use of machines. This extraction technique allows to clear clogged pores and acne in the most effective way. Our professional international certified therapists all have at least eight years of experience, which certainly helps in achieving effective and visible results with minimal pain and redness. 

How often would you recommend one to go for facials, and why? 

We usually advise our customers to go for facials every three to four weeks for normal skin conditions. This follows the skin renewal process, which takes place every 28 days, where skin cells die and are replaced by new, fresh and healthy skin cells.

On the other hand, if you have more serious breakout issues, we would recommend more regular visits (every two to three weeks) to clear out any impurities on your skin.

Besides regular facials, what else do you recommend we do to boost our skin complexion?

Dietary and lifestyle habits are often overlooked, but equally essential. 

While our facial treatments help to solve some of the skin problems such as reducing acne and clogged pores, individual skin condition highly depends on food intake and habits. As such, we usually guide our customers to adopt a healthier lifestyle such as consuming more fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking large amounts of water to hydrate the body and skin. 

Are there interesting, yet little known facts about our skin you’d like to highlight?

Dust mites are commonly heard of, but did you know that there are millions of face mites living in our skin and pores, simultaneously feeding on the sebum and oil on our skin? 

While they usually do not cause major harm to the skin, overgrowth in the population of face mites may cause serious acne breakouts. Which is why we recommend regular facial treatments to eliminate bacteria-causing acne on your skin, such as our anti-acne LED facial treatment. However, facial treatments alone will not be able to maintain your skin at an optimal level. It is important to take care of your skin with the right home care products. 

For oily/blemish-prone skin, we recommend Babor Gel & Tonic 2 in 1 gel cleanser is an effective way to get rid of face mites as it contains excellent anti-microbial properties and stimulate them to come out of your skin follicle. Our Anti-Acne Drying lotion with its anti-inflammatory and quick healing properties, also helps to reduce acne scars, leaving you with clarified and radiant skin!

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Do you think that customer needs have changed over the years?

Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever and are generally more inclined towards natural and organic ingredients that are safer for health. They are also going back to basics, and usually prefer natural/ manual facial techniques instead of technological equipment (which could emit radiation). Despite how much the beauty industry has evolved, we find that people generally prefer a cosy place where they feel at home.

We only use trusted products from the internationally-renowned German top skincare brand BABOR and Dr Spiller– unmatched beauty pioneers with a focus on natural products and innovative active ingredients that will target all your skin concerns. Our therapists are also passionate about serving our customers and going above and beyond is something that our company always advocates to our staff.

What is one beauty rule you feel everyone should adopt?

That we should embrace life for all its beauty, and not just looking at external beauty. Though we are a facial company, there is nothing more beautiful than a person who exudes kindness, confidence and self-love. Simple kind gestures or simply being appreciative are some instances of internal beauty that reflects externally. 

This is something that everyone should adopt as the key to beauty is happiness and a person’s appearance is affected by an individual's feelings, thoughts and energy emitted.

My Cozy Room’s new facial, Royal Bird’s Nest Facial (120mins) at $388, comes with a special bottle of Bird’s Nest from Kinohimitsu after treatment.  Enjoy 50% off for first-time customers residing in Singapore only.

My Cozy Room, 56A Cairnhill Road (Behind Paragon Shopping Centre), S229667, P: 6732 0030, WhatsApp: 8666 0030

125 Devonshire Road (Opp 111 Somerset), S239884, P: 6753 0030. 

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