5 Face Masks To Get Instantly Glowing Skin For Chinese New Year

Consider this your quick, last minute skincare hack before all the festivities
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Lunar new year is a period of reunions, joy, and immense activity. And what with all that visitations, you need a facial treatment that’s quick, efficacious, while giving you that radiant glow so you can put your best face forward.

Whether it is a 15 minute or overnight treatment you seek, these masks will do the work and will have you looking like you’ve just undergone a long facial, with none of that comedown. 

Ahead, the best masks to soothe, hydrate, and restore for a luminous glow over this Chinese New Year weekend.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $29.60/pc

Unlike other sheet masks, this mask is, as its name suggests, completely dry to the touch. What this means is that it doesn’t harbour bacteria, you can use it to maximum capacity (up to 3 times), and you get none of that sticky residue after. It contains a potent concoction of brightening and hydrating ingredients including niacinamide, stem cell matrix, oils and butters that turns to a liquid from the warmth of your skin, straight to the third layer of your epidermis for a serious glow that lasts through several days -- perfect for the long Chinese New Year weekend.


SK-II Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask, $150/6 pcs

This is a cult beauty product for a reason - the SK-II Whitening Source Derm Revival mask is one of the most effective brightening masks out there. Clarifying and moisturising at the same time, it’s infused with skin-conditioning ingredients, Vitamin B3 and C, and Pitera™ that will work miracles for your skin in just under 15 minutes, for radiant, smooth skin.


Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask, $125

No time for a 15 minute mask? Try this overnight one for good measure. This Fresh treatment mask shares the same delightful, cucumber scent as their bestselling Soy face cleanser, and a creamy texture that contains radiance-boosting ingredients peony ,Vitamin C and amino acids to even out skin tone and noticeably firm up skin. Plus, it works especially well in fading acne scars with regular, consistent use.

Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas Dawn Face Mask, $63.22/5 pcs

If you’re looking for luminous skin, exfoliation is key. This Dawn face sheet mask by Joanna Vargas contains star ingredient mandelic acid that gently exfoliates and encourages cell turnover for skin, with Vitamin C, Chamomile and Glycerin to brighten, soothe, and hydrate. It also doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, making it a delicate but highly efficacious sheet mask option.


DR.JART+ Dermask Micro Jet Brightening Solution Sheet Mask, $8/pc

What we love about this sheet mask is its soft microfiber that fits perfectly into the contours of your face to ensure all of that silky, hydrating goodness comfortably and effectively absorbs into your skin. The brightening mask contains a powerful blend of antioxidants, glutathione and niacinamide to visibly brighten skin and reduce hyperpigmentation, so you can get amazingly glowy, supple skin.

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