Harry Style's New Music Video is an Ode To Everything We've Missed Pre-quarantine

A summertime fantasy, the video features the singer, songwriter and actor wearing Gucci by Alessandro Michele.
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When was the last time you've touched something, or someone, with an extra note of caution? The pandemic has taken away some of our most simple pleasures - touching, and Harry Styles has released his latest music video as a dedication to just that. 

Set on the beach and shot by legendary music directors Bradley and Pablo, the music video of "Watermelon Sugar" has him frolicking on the beach with boys and girls as they all eat watermelon slices. And as a pre-empt to what's to come - a whole lot of touching that is, the video starts out with the words "This video is dedicated to touching" on screen.

This may come across as a tad bit difficult to watch now given our social distancing measures, but consider it a beautiful relic of a past that we can now enjoy from a distance, and something we hope to do again in the near future when this pandemic blows over. 

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 You can almost feel the temperatures rise as he sings “I want more berries and that summer feelin’ it’s so wonderful and warm”, while indulging in a fresh slice of watermelon.

The carefree nature of the video comes replete with a series of fashion statements that are a homage to hippie culture. The actor wears Gucci by Alessandro Michele, such as a cropped rainbow jumper from the italian label's most recent F/W 2020 collection knit bikinis, and retro crop tops covered in pop art florals, and rainbow short-shorts.

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Check out the video in its full sensual, summertime glory, here: 

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