Gigi Hadid Reveals What She Misses Most in Pregnancy

The model is expecting her first child.
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Being pregnant often means saying a temporary goodbye to some of your  not-so-friendly baby activities. So, what does supermodel Gigi Hadid miss the most during her own pregnancy?

The top supermodel is sorely missing horseback riding. Asked by a curious fan via Twitter if she has been riding since discovering she was pregnant, Gigi replied: "At first I did (just riding slowly), but I'm not riding anymore." Another fan comforted her, saying that her horses should also to miss their presence, to which Hadid replied, "I still walk with them and carry carrots."

News of Gigi's pregnancy was released by the press before she confirmed it a few days later on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The model is staying with mother Yolanda, sister Bella and boyfriend Zayn Malik.

"Obviously, we wish we could have announced this on our own terms, but we are very excited, happy and thankful for everyone's wishes and support," she said. Malik and Hadid started dating in 2015, after meeting at a Victoria's Secret party in New York. They split up and came back a few times.

Below, check out some moments of Gigi in the main fashion weeks at the beginning of the year, and right before her pregnancy.


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