Ellen Page of 'Juno' and 'Umbrella Academy' Announces She Is Trans

Her name is now Elliott.
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Canadian actress Ellen Page , best known for her roles in the movie Juno and more recently the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, announced her gender change on Tuesday, December 1, with a long message posted on Instagram, where she names herself as Elliot: "Hi friends, I want to share with you the fact that I'm trans, my pronouns are 'he / they' and my name is Elliot. I feel lucky to write this. To be here. D 'having arrived at this point in my life. I feel immense gratitude to the incredible people who have supported me throughout this journey. " In her post, also shared on Twitter, Elliott Page thanks the trans community. “Thank you for your courage, generosity and tireless work in making this world a more inclusive and compassionate place,” continues the star. I will give you all my support and continue to fight for a more loving and egalitarian society. . "

Elliot Page left Canada in 2005 to star in the thriller Hard Candy. Two years later, he distinguished himself in the film Juno by Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. Among her most notable roles are those of Kitty Pryde in the X-Men series, and Ariane in Christopher Nolan's Inception. Last year marked his directorial debut with the documentary There's Something In The Water, about the environmental racism faced by people of color and First Nations communities in Canada.

Since her announcement, multiple celebrities have come forward in support for Page. 



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