5 Minutes With Pro MMA Fighter Victoria Lee

Ahead of her big fight with China's Wang Lu Ping tonight, Lee talks to us about her ambitions and what it's like to be a women in MMA today.
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Victoria Lee might be the little sister to Angela Lee (ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion) and Christian Lee (ONE Lightweight World Champion) but she's no pushover: The 17-year-old is a two-time Pankration Junior World Champion, a 2020 Hawaii State Wrestling Champion, and a 2019 IMMAF Junior World Champion in her own right. Now, the Evolve Fight Team member will face her biggest challenge yet.

Following her triumphant debut in the ONE Championship earlier this year — where she submitted Thailand's Sunisa Srisen in a second-round choke — Lee now faces China's Wang Lu Ping in what's shaping up to be a thrilling fight tonight.

Read on to hear what Lee has to say about her journey so far.

How have you been practicing for your fight against Wang?

I’ve been training extremely hard for this fight — I train about 2 to 3 sessions everyday, so about 4 to 6 hrs each day, 5 days a week.

What made you want to become a professional MMA fighter in the first place?

After winning my first junior world championship was when I decided to become a Professional MMA fighter.

Both of your siblings are champion fighters. How does that make you feel?

I feel proud to be Angela and Christian Lee’s little sister. They are such talented champions and have done so much for this sport. I look up to both of them as my role models.

What's it like being a professional female fighter today?

I feel so lucky to have entered the sport in this day and age. Previous female athletes have had to endure lots of criticism and hate just for being a female athlete. I especially look up to my sister because she has done so much for women’s MMA in Asia. She has inspired so many people and opened so many doors for female athletes all around the world including myself.

Ultimately, where do you hope to see your MMA career go?

My goal is to keep improving and building my skills — so that one day I will become a World Champion.

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