The Hotel Lou Pinet Is A Brand New Bohemian-Chic Respite In Saint-Tropez

Some come to Saint-Tropez for the festive spirit, while others prefer secret refuges. For those who can't choose between the bustle and calm, Hotel Lou Pinet is a perfect choice.
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Jane Birkin's shadow in a white lace mini-dress and wicker basket still hangs over the harbour as the Lou Pinet Hotel invites you on a journey back in time. Indeed, just 5 minutes from the Place des Lices, the pine resin scented area is transformed into a boho-chic refuge by the Pariente family that holds the charm of the Saint Tropez that captivated Françoise Sagan, Boris Vian, Picasso and Juliette Greco. 

In the hands of architect Charles Zana and landscape gardener, Jean Mus - both lovers of Mediterranean Culture - the mythical address of the 60s is a real family home that's showered in light and filled with raw decorations. The place is decked out with natural materials like linen, ceramics, rope, terracotta and more which gives it a certain prestige, with each having been carefully selected and paying homage to the region's craft heritage - from Vallauris pottery to Biot glassworks. The hotel's pool - the largest of all the hotels in the town - is grandly located in the middle of a huge terrace. It gives structure to the hotel's outdoor area and connects the 3 houses that make up the hotel. The 34 rooms are spacious and bathed in light, with each having a homely private garden with outdoor seats. 

The garden leads to a spa that resembles a secret cave - a vacation essential to let go and find the balance that's been disrupted by the fast pace of life. A coach is also available upon request, and the hotel also offers a yoga class is also held in the garden amid the sound of cicadas. Last but not least, the hotel's Beefbar restaurant brings its touch of excellence to the place. While it's Black Angus Prime or Kobe beef dishes are its stars, more Mediterranean inspired dishes like grilled fish, ceviches, carpaccios, risottos and salads enrich it. 

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70 chemin du Pinet 83990 Saint-Tropez

Tel: +33 (0) 4 94 97 04 37

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