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Rad Romance: Van Cleef & Arpels

Trust Van Cleef & Arpels to turn Shakespeare's iconic Romeo and Juliet into over 100 new and exquisite high jewellery pieces. Here, we spotlight some of them
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Reticella Necklace (with detachable pendants) in white gold with diamonds

The 2 diamond pendants here, which bring to mind brooches used by women of the court, can be removed to adorn a pair of earrings. 

1569481505543795 grenata clip
Grenata Clip in rose gold and white gold, with rubies, spessartite garnets, yellow sapphires, and diamonds

What's the significance of the pomegranate? In the Renaissance, the fruit was offered as a wedding gift, representing prosperity. Because of its meaning, the motif also decorated costumes during that time. 

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1569482318672073 balcone 2
Balcone Clip in white gold and rose gold, with emeralds tsavorite garnets, and diamonds

Clearly inspired by that balcony scene, when Romeo and Juliet make their declaration of love. Except here, lush ivy drapes from a diamond-studded balcony. 

1569481910819159 5
Maiolica Necklace in white gold with one emerald-cut sapphire and diamonds

As its name suggests, the showpiece is inspired by the blue Maiolica ceramics of the Italian Renaissance - with the start stone here weighing over 42 carats. The double row of diamonds is meant to recall feminine ribbons. 

1569482213313714 fiore
Fiore Bracelet in white gold with two pear-shaped aquamarines, emeralds, sapphires, black spinels, and diamonds

The 2 pear-shaped aquamarines, weighing over 100 carats, were chosen to mirror the blue of the fountains of Verona. The city, after all, was home to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. All of the precious stones have been placed to create the effect of the sparkling water of the fountain. 

First seen in the September 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore



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