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Garden of Joy

That pretty much sums up the Return to Tiffany® Love Bugs collection

Meet the Return to Tiffany® Love Bugs collection – a line that reinterprets elements of a collection named Return to Tiffany®, with the brand’s love for nature and colour. The new range is said to be inspired by an urban garden, and pieces feature symbols of flora and fauna like butterflies, birds, flowers and ladybugs.

The wide range of pieces – rings, brooches, pendants and stickpins – come in yellow, rose and white gold, as well as sterling silver. They’re decorated with diamonds and coloured stones including blue topaz, amethyst, and yellow and green quartz. 

“With Return to Tiffany® Love Bugs we created a new iteration of an iconic collection that starts in a familiar place but ends up in a wider world. This jewelry collection is broader than the original Return to Tiffany® in its look, in its materials and in its attitude,” says chief artistic officer, Reed Krakoff

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