Words and Images: 'EXPECT' by Lionel Gasparini

As March comes to an end, we look back on our special project for our 10th Anniversary issue. We gave 10 photographers what every creative mind longs for – freedom of expression. Our only request: to be inspired by a word that contains the letter ‘X’
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The thrill of anticipation is captured in Lionel’s sultry spread. “When I chose this word, I immediately thought of a girl spending a morning at home with all the possibilities that lie in the day ahead,” says Gasperini, who is based in Paris. How often we associate the city with sexy women, and here, we have a scene that epitomises that view: a girl in lingerie, in a room in Paris, waiting, hoping, longing. “There can be so much sensuality in the word ‘expect’,” Gasperini adds. “Who knows what she’s expecting?”


1) Stretch tulle lingerie, Yasmine Eslami
2) Stretch tulle lingerie, Yasmine Eslami
3) Elastane swimsuit, New Look
4) Nylon spandex Marisa swimsuit, Yasmine Eslami

Styling: Melanie Brault
Hair: Kazue Deki/ Calliste Agency
Makeup: Megumi Itano/ Calliste Agency
Model: Zhanna Brass/ Karin Models Paris



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