Portrait Of A Woman

Musings on the art of portrait photography
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Portraits don't lie. When we pose for pictures, we expose a little more of ourselves than we usally allow. Exploring the rich history of portraiture, from the Renaissance to the Baroque to Romanticism to Dadaism, we find something timeless that transcends the years and eras. Portraits speak to the truth of who we are, for they reveal our secret sides. 

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Pantyhose from ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Dress from ELENAREVA, Shoes Model's own
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Top from ELENAREVA, Skirt from ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Bag from Lake Studio, Shoes Model's own
1566461026480422 3
Scarf from Lake Studio, Pants from ELENAREVA
1566461147067995 2
Dress from ELENAREVA
1566461165972785 4
Jacket and Pants from ARTEMKLIMCHUK
1566461192526504 8
1566461230512389 6
Shirt from ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Skirt from ARTRAMUS, Shoes Model's own
1566461306682128 5
Jacket and Pants from ARTEMKLIMCHUK
1566461389235522 7
Top and Dress from Lake Studio, Bag from Iren Arno


Fashion ideology: Rostislav Arno @rostislav_arno, Vitaly Agapov @vitaly_agapov

Producer: Viktoriia Baranovskaya @viktoria_baranovskaya

Photographer: Jaroslav Monchak @monchak

Model: Irina Bogdan @iri_sofi

Hair & makeup: Julia Dzhulay @juliadzhulay

Stylist: Maria Fedotofskikh @maria_fedotovskikh


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