Meet the Rising Stars of Instagram

Five of the biggest up-and-coming social media darlings you've probably never heard of – until now, that is
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If you're between the ages of 18 and 35 (thus making you an avid Instagram user), you already would have realized it by now: social media can serve as a real talent scout that can turn complete unknowns into Insta-celebs practically overnight. 

Here, we shine the spotlight on five of the biggest rising Instagram stars who you've probably never heard of – until now.

Sonia Ben Ammar (@itsnotsonia) 362k followers

The fresh-faced beauty owes her cinematic lineage to her father Tarak Ben Ammar, the famous French-Tunisian producer/mastermind behind Hannibal Lecter. Thanks to her debut on Instagram, Ben Ammar was scouted by IMG Models and is already a regular fixture in the fashion world. After all, who else can say that they are a Dolce & Gabbana muse at just 18 years old? Oh, and did we mention that she's L'Officiel Paris' covergirl this month?

Sarah Snyder (@sarahfuckingsnyder) 1.3m followers

She's probably better known as Jaden Smith's erstwhile girlfriend but who exactly is Sarah Snyder? That part is unclear. All we know is that the aspiring model rose to social media stardom out of relative anonymity in a matter of months and now has Calvin Klein and Uniqlo ad campaigns under her belt. Pretty impressive, no? Synder's narcissistic approach to Instagram (read: selfies, selfies, and more selfies) is also refreshingly unapologetic.

Bonnie Strange (@bonniestrange) 471k followers

Her bio says 'model and a singer' but in reality, Bonnie Strange is a modern-day Barbie who brings us back to the nostalgic nineties. No one is immune to her babydoll face and pin-up girl demeanour – including big makeup brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Maybelline, who have crowned her as their new digital spokesmodel. 

Alexandra Spencer (@4thandbleeker) 327k followers

Despite appearances, Alexandra Spencer is, first and foremost, a businesswoman. Followed by the who's who of the fashion crowd, she first rose to fame via MySpace (quaint, we know), then on her blog, and finally on Instagram, which she diligently uses to promote her label, Réalisation. All the cool girls love Réalisation (ie. Kendall and Bella) and so should you.

Tammy Hembrow (@tammyhembrow) 6.8m followers

This fitness queen is proof that perseverance (and a hot body) is the key to Instagram success. Tammy Hembrow is an Aussie mum of two who isn't shy to share her passion for health and fitness on her Youtube channel, which boasts over 750k subscribers. But the real deal obviously lies in her rabid Instagram following – all 6.8 million of them.



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