The 11 Korean Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now

From Park Soo Joo to Jessica Jung, here are the top Korean fashion accounts to get inspired from.
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If France is the home of luxury, known for its elegant parisian chic style, Korea's dynamic style, on the other hand, has become an increasing hit amongst the youth. Seoul Fashion Week has cemented the city as a fashion capital in its own right, and attracted international media attention, with Korean models, such as Park Soo Joo and Choi So-ra successsfully asserting their position on the international stage.

With a strong influence in K-pop and cinema, both in drama and the big screen, the public often only knows the idols of "Korea". But Korean fashionistas have been an sortorial inspiration to many young people, bringing "K-Style" away from the borders of the country to bloggers, influencers and fashionable people around the world. 

1. Irene Kim (@ireneisgood)

1617607675619299 irene kim 1
Source: @ireneisgood

This list would be incomplete without the mention of one of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry, with 2 million followers on Instagram. Irene Kim, of Korean American descent,  is currently collaborating with many big names like Chanel, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein… and also is building her own brand.

She also constantly experiments with her outfit and hair colour, unexpectedly transformed in a myraid of ways.  Mainly we see her appear clothes heavy with personality: in edgy, modern and extremely fashionable outfits, with an instagram that is always filled with joy and positivity.

2. Aimee Song (@aimeesong)

1617607675827503 064235 0010
Source: @aimeesong

If you're a close follower of the fashion blogger era, the name Aimee Song will sound all too familiar. Originally an interior designer, Aimee is famous as a fashion icon on social media.

Born in South Korea but raised in Los Angeles (USA), Aimee Song's fashion style is a blend of East meets West. With a stellar 5.6 million followers on Instagram, in 2016, Aimee Song was also honoured to be in the Top 30 successful young people before the age of 30 voted by Forbes magazine.

3. Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim)

1617607676077100 073446 0039
Source: @chrisellelim

Chriselle Lim is known and loved by many people thanks to her educational clips on fashion coordination, makeup and an inspirational lifestyle. Also a Korean fashionista, she graduated from the Los Angeles Academy of Fashion Design and Business, and was an editor at the high-fashion magazine GENLUX . Before that, she was stylist and editor of a magazine in the city of Beverly Hills.

With an Instagram page of 1.3 million followers, Chriselle Lim's fashion style is especially loved by many people because of its practicality, elegance, sophistication, but still no less youthful and with personality. In particular, Chriselle Lim's clothing serves as great inspiration for workwear. 

4. Soo Joo Park (@soojmooj)

1617607676320293 soojmooj 2
Source: @soojmooj

Ms Park's Asian face and platinum blonde hair combined has created a strong, edgy look that has been a major attraction to major fashion brands.

Born in Korea, at the age of 10, Soo Joo moved to California and became a supermodel. Walking on many high-end catwalks, such as Chanel, Soo Joo Park possesses a very sharp style of Asian culture and is not constrained by the influence from the West to create her own style.

5. Sora Choi (@ sola5532)

1617607676716098 sora choi 1
Source: @ sola5532

Continuously appearing in dozens of shows every fashion season, Sora Choi is another notable presence in the modelling scene. When she first stepped on the international runway at the Louis Vuitton show 7 years ago, she quickly captured the eye of luxury brands thanks to her Asian personality with her icy cool face.

Outsie ofthe catwalk, Sora Choi is a cool fashionista with a rock-chic style, while retaining a feminine and gentle touch.

6. Lee Sung Kyung (@heybiblee)

1617607676986978 lee sung kyung 2
Source: @heybiblee

Lee Sung Kyung is a model and actor who can suit all fashion styles. From the catwalk to everyday fashion, her look is both versatile yet stylish. 

The diversity is most easily seen on Sung Kyung's personal Instagram page. Needless to say, this girl's wardrobe is every girl's dream. Because she doesn't limit herself to a certain type of style, if you are looking for inspiration for your everyday clothes, this is the fashionista you need to check out.

7. Lee Ho Jung (@ holly608)

1617607677242624 holly 1
Source: @ holly608

No stranger to fans of EXO or Big Bang, Lee Ho Jung has repeatedly played some of the hottest Korean male singers' lover in their music videos. In addition, from a young age, this model and actress has appeared in a roster of major Korean fashion magazines, from ELLE Korea, Vogue Korea, to W Magazine ...

With a signature minimalist style, she especially likes denim and often wears a denim set from head to toe or mixes jeans with a plain T-shirt. But come every Seoul Fashion Week, fashionista Lee Ho Jung always knows how to dress to impress.

8. Park Sora (@sora_pppp)

1617607677454126 073815 0007
Source: @sora_pppp

Born in 1988 from Busan, and once known as the singer of the group Flying Girls, who also participated in acting, Park Sora's greatest success comes from fashion. She is the face of Style Nanda fashion brand and Korea's leading cosmetics brand 3CE.

Possessing an innocent charm, Park Sora is known as a fashionista with a sweet style mixed with youthful personality. It can be said that her simple but equally outstanding style has influenced a large group of young people today.

9. Jessica Jung (@ jessica.syj)

1617607677687031 jessica
Source: @ jessica.syj

Jessica Jung's style is both elegant and preppy. Originally born in San Francisco, California, she was talent scouted while on holiday in South Korea before debuting as one of the members of Girls Generation in 2007. She is also known for her polished style, even launching her own label Blanc & Eclare in 2014.


10. Jung Da Won (mejiwoo103)

1617607677960068 mejiwoo
Source: @mejiwoo103

On Instagram, Da Won has amassed an impressive 7.6 million followers, a popularity even higher than that of most famous Korean stars. Jung Da Won was born in 1990, well known for being the sister of BTS member J-Hope. Initially, Da Won attracted attention for her beautiful appearance, but then emerged as a star in the fashion industry as the CEO of the brand MEJIWOO, where she also modeled for.

Thanks to Da Won's beautiful luxurious clothing, MEJIWOO is a famous brand with many products that are sold out continuously.  Her everyday style is the same as her brand's criteria: youthful with a little personality.

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