Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: Luxury In A Bottle

French luxury maison Louis Vuitton's first fragrance launch in almost a century sees the use of some of the most intricate techniques, under the expertise of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.
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There’s nothing more satisfying than the smell of good leather, but now that Louis Vuitton’s launching its first series of fragrances in almost 90 years, we’re quite sure that record would easily be beaten.

The collection of seven women’s scents – simply titled Les Parfums Louis Vuitton – are inspired by the trunk-maker’s love for fine travel accessories, and because it’s Louis Vuitton, expect nothing but the best. For starters, the French maison has engaged master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to not only create the scents using some of the world’s most prized ingredients, but to also develop exclusive fragrance palettes exclusive to the brand.

Using unprecedented fragrance extraction technology, Belletrud retrieves the exquisite scent of Louis Vuitton’s leather via complex procedures that include steeping the leather in alcohol until a clear liquid is obtained (explained in the video below). The technicality doesn’t stop there; floral scents are derived via a supercritical CO2 extraction method, so precious fresh flowers like roses and jasmines don’t lose their exquisite and delicate scent facets.

Each of the seven fragrances of Les Parfums Louis Vuitton – Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans la Peau, Apogee, Contre Moi, Matiere Noire and Mille Feux – will be sold in 100- and 200-ml sizes, and will set you back by a slightly more extravagant SGD370 and SGD540 respectively, but like they say, you get what you pay for.

Watch as Jacques Cavallier Belletrud shares his inspiration and explains the aforementioned leather extraction technique.

Introducing Jacques Cavallier Belletrud as Maître Parfumeur for the Maison Louis Vuitton
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