When Beauty Meets Terry

Celebrating beauty in all forms is merely a small part of the By Terry philosophy. International Makeup Artist Garance Blanche explains why the French beauty brand doesn’t subscribe to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy.
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What is By Terry’s philosophy?

There is one thing (founder) Terry de Gunzburg says that encapsulates the brand perfectly: “Beauty is not a stereotype.” Her inspiration comes from ladies all over world. That’s why it’s hard to define the By Terry woman – each customer differs from the next. We are not here to impose our beauty ideals on them but rather to create multi-tasking products, which are really easy to use, and help them feel more confident.

In the past 19 years, By Terry has created quite a number of iconic products. Which one is the best-seller?

Without a doubt, Baume de Rose. It’s what we call in French ‘le chouchou’, which means ‘a treasured item’. Baume de Rose is le chouchou of celebrities and women everywhere because it is such an amazing and versatile product. You can use it as a lip balm, on your cuticles and even to moisturise your skin. Since its creation in 2004, it has become such a cult product that we’ve developed an entire range of face, body, and hand care products around it.

"Beauty is not a stereotype...we are not here to impose our beauty ideals on (our customers) but rather to create multi-tasking products...and help them feel more confident," – Garance Blanche

Tell us about the Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

This season, we’re introducing three new products that fall under the By Terry Expert range. First, there is the Compact-Expert Dual Powder, a hybrid product that incorporates a matte powder and an iridescent highlighter, in one handy compact. What makes it special is the I.M.C.® – Intensive Mimetic Camouflage technology – that we’ve specially developed for this range. It gives the appearance of flawless skin and lets you create different effects – contouring, bronzing, highlighting or strobing. Next is the Stylo-Expert Click Stick, which can be used as a concealer or corrector. It comes in 12 different shades and contains macadamia seed oil, so the product is incredibly creamy and high-coverage at the same time. And finally, because nudes are so on trend at the moment, we’re introducing five new neutral shades to the Rouge-Expert range.


Beauty-wise, what will be trending in the coming year?

It’s all about graphic lips and the glow – a dewy, luminous effect that looks like second skin. The glow trend is one that’ll surely last because it’s about embracing and enhancing the best qualities of a woman’s face.


The By Terry Fall Expert 2017 collection is now available at Escentials and



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