A Fragrance for the Young, Wild and Free

Salvatore Ferragamo's latest fragrance is an ode to the modern woman
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She loves being the life of the party, she loves fashion, travelling and just about anything the world has to offer. Confident, free-spirited and daring, the modern woman lives life her way and allows nothing to hold her back. 

To Salvatore Ferragamo, this woman is very much worth celebrating – with a beautiful fragrance, no less. The "amo" in Amo Ferragamo is Italian for "I love", also an unapologetic declaration of everything the modern woman loves. Embodying the fun, go-getting spirit of the fragrance is the effervescent English model and actress Suki Waterhouse. 

In the campaign video below, the 26-year-old switches up her looks and dances around Florence, proclaiming "Amo feeling like a diva", "Amo travelling", "Amo having nothing to wear" and more. She's as sprightly as the fragrance, which opens up with Italian bitter accord, blackcurrant and rosemary, before revealing a floral heart and a sweet woody base.


Amo Ferragamo

The Amo Ferragamo Eau de Parfum is available at all leading departmental stores, Sasa and Sephora.


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