10 Ways To Wear An Easy, Effortless High Ponytail

Low maintenance, high impact. Here are all the trendy looks by our favourite celebrities to replicate now.
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As our circuit breaker starts to lift, and social distancing measures slowly loosening, it's time to start showing ourselves back to the world again. And we want a look that is low maintenance, yet put together -- which is where the high ponytail comes into place. 

The ponytail has always been an effective way to keep our hair out of the face during exercise, or hide from bad hair days, but it's starting to be a trendy look in it's own right.  Bella Hadid , for instance, is almost always be seen with it, but celebs such as Beyoncé are also fans of the high ponytail.

In Hollywood, the Bella Hadid tail is also called the Croydon facelift: wearing the ponytail so tight and high that it lifts your face. Now the Croydon facelift doesn't seem like a healthy option to us, but the high ponytail gives us other inspiration to get started:


Half tail

For days when your hair is feeling a little oily, but you still want an easy style, as seen on Hailey Bieber. When styling, apply some dry shampoo for volume, section your hair back from following your eyeline, and brushing it till you get the position you want. Tie it together with an elastic band, pulling some hair backwards. To finish, spray some more dry shampoo for more volume.

Bubble Ponytail

Here's a look that's anything but boring. If your hair is long enough, you may opt for the Bubble ponytail, as seen on Shay Mitchell, for some added instant class and elegance to your look. Simply section your high ponytail into three sections, pulling the strands for added volume, and finish off with some hairspray.

With curls 

When in doubt, do like Beyonce - a variation of the half ponytail, the volume is amped up here with added curls and a blowout.

Short and tight

A short and simple look, as seen on Bella Hadid, that keeps all your hair back in place, framing and lifting your face in the process. 

'90s sidepart

A throwback to the '90s, this side part ponytail has been spotted by the likes pf Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Instead of pulling all your hair back, leave the front section of it down (aka 'tendrils,' which has become something of a signature look to Kendall). These front pieces can serve to frame your face pretty well. Just be sure to go easy on the hair gel! 

90s sidepart double ponytail

Double up the fun with double ponytails like Kylie Jenner, leaving tendrils at the front to frame your face.

With wavy hair

No one does wavy hair quite like Kim Kardashian, and this look combines her love for wavy hair with a slicked-back high, half up ponytail.

Pineapple tail

Rihanna sports this look frequently, embracing her carefree and effortless side. This is a look best suited for the curly and wavy haired, and works on a variety of hair lengths. Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail and take individual strands from your ponytail to pin them forward to get your desired shape


For an effortless, bohemian look, tie your hair up in a high tail, pulling several strands down, and finishing with a sea salt spray for added texture.


Taking the messy look to the next level is this beachy high ponytail. Make sure your ponytail sits on the top of your head, and added hair gel for that wet, slick look.

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