Kim Petras Finds a New Sound on Single "Broken": Listen

The German singer-songwriter's latest track "Broken" explores a new vibe while teaching us about heartbreak.
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If Barbie were to come to life as a pop star, she’d emerge in the form of Kim Petras. The German-born singer-songwriter’s look is complete with platinum blonde hair and everything that sparkles. And just as Barbie likes to experiment with her look, Petras’ latest single, “Broken,” is all about experimenting with her sound. The artist enters new territory by taking her quintessential pop sound and mixing it in with elements of modern hip-hop and nostalgic R&B vibes. What results is a vulnerable track complete with a fresh new sound.

The single, the first off of her upcoming project, hits on heartbreak with a hammer. The track drips with the pain felt after a relationship ends. All the elements of a heartbreak are there: endless tears, lack of sleep, a half-empty bottle of Jack. Petras sings of this pain and only wishes it on her ex-lover.

Petras’ new release comes on the heels of a successful 2018. She began the year with Spotify highlighting her work on billboards in Times Square and London, as part of their RISE program. She then went on to release a critically acclaimed, Halloween-inspired mixtape, as well as several hits including “Heart to Break”—named song of the year by Billboard. Rounding out the year, she toured the states with Troye Sivan while also managing to garner more than 125 million total streams. Most recently, she sold out her first headline shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Melbourne.

It’s clear that Kim Petras is on the fast-track to stardom, and we’re catching our breath so we can keep up. Check out "Broken" below to hear a version of Petras' you haven't heard before. 


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