What Does Gucci's Alessandro Michele Have To Say About Sex And God?

Gucci and The Sex Ed podcast come together to discuss all things sexuality.
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As we begin social isolation, it can give us extra time to learn new things, whether it comes in the form of learning how to make souffle pancakes, dalgona coffee, taking up crafts, or learning more about an existing topic.

How do you feel when talking about issues involving the sexual nature of human beings? Perhaps, curiosity and doubt are two of the words that run through your mind. When addressing such a topic, we should always talk clearly and consciously. With that in mind, Gucci and The Sex Ed hasjoined forces in an incredible collaboration for the third season of podcasts produced by the platform of the same name.

The podcast debuts with Alessandro Michele as a special guest for an exclusive episode behind an intimate and relaxed chat. The designer, who has led Gucci's creative direction since 2015, spoke openly with Liz Goldwyn, podcast host and founder of The Sex Ed, in an interview recorded in Milan, at Gucci's office, right after the Fall / Winter Women's Parade 2020 .

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Speaking clearly and without inhibitions on the sexual side of the world, Alessandro Michele reveals what drives is whimsical runway decisions,revealed his erotic and close relationship with nature, and cited why he had Rome - his hometown - as a lover, his passion for dressing like a 50's grandmother and, going beyond the restricted and standardized modes of masculinity, he explained how he manages to channel his orgastic energy into his every day.

“When people ask me about sex, I usually say that it depends on what you think about sex, the idea of sex is the idea of God, the idea of sex is the idea of energy, it is the idea of being in touch with people things that make me feel alive ”, said the designer.

The designer also said some pretty notable things, such as, "when i dress a guy like a granny, he becomes sexy."

Other topics the duo discussed included balancing chakras with flower beds, and more. 

In addition to Alessandro Michele, Liz also chatted with some guests minutes before the first episode.

“I'm so excited to be partnering with Gucci for the third season of The Sex Ed podcast. Fashion, beauty and sex are natural partners. As Jean Cocteau once wrote, 'human beings in their essence only want three things: shelter, food and sex. All this fashion makes people think that dresses are used to be worn. No ... the most beautiful dresses are used to be taken off. ''

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The third season, which will be available from April 7, has a whole new schedule consisting of 12 episodes. Experiences and knowledge will be shared with a wide range of guests, both in styles and backgrounds, including historians, adult stars, experts, doctors, actors and musicians.

About The Sex Ed

Founded in 2018 by author and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn , The Sex Ed is a multimedia platform full of guidance on sex, health and awareness in a fun and supportive way for those who listen.

Informing and inspiring conversations about sexual well-being through expert essays, live events and a podcast, presenter Goldwyn invites leading clinical specialists in sexual medicine and reproductive health, as well as leading cultural voices, artists and influencers address in dialogues sex education, sexuality, gender, entertainment, well-being and more.

Previous seasons have featured iconic names like Nick Kroll (Big Mouth), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll), Dita Von Teese , Jill Soloway (Transparent) and more!

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