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Amanda Chaang Talks Watches, Marriage & Meeting Bella Hadid

The TAG Heuer ambassador also reveals her favourite watch and how her concept of time has changed since getting hitched.
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Do you ever find yourself liking the same things as your significant other? That's definitely the case for newlywed Amanda Chaang, who now proudly counts herself as a Friend of the Brand to TAG Heuer alongside her watch enthusiast husband, Jon Chua. Below, the TV host talks to us all about time, from the difference between Malaysian and Singaporean timings, to how being married to a member of The Sam Willows affects her schedule.


How has the experience been as a friend of TAG Heuer, and how did it all start? 

It all started when my husband, Jon (Chua, of The Sam Willows) began his journey with TAG Heuer, and I guess both our relationships with the brand just grew from there. 


Why do you think TAG Heuer and Amanda Chaang make such good friends?

Prior to TAG Heuer, I never owned a luxury watch and I'm glad to be on this journey. Picking the right watch is a very personal thing and it can be a little daunting but TAG Heuer has been there the whole way, educating me on what to look for when making my choice.


Tell us about the most memorable moment you've had with the brand.

When I went to the TAG Heuer store to pick out a watch for myself - it's something I'll never forget, picking out a watch, putting it on my wrist and just knowing what was right for me. It was also very exciting when they flew us up to Kuala Lumpur for the event, which was also attended by Bella Hadid - we got to take photos and breathe the same air!


What's most important thing to you when it comes to picking a watch?

There are so many factors - from the mechanics to its features - to consider when it comes to purchasing a watch. Personally, the overall look of the watch is the most important thing to me. Watches come in so many different materials so it's fun when you get to pick and choose what suits you best, depending on the occasion.


What's your favourite timepiece?

I'd have to say it's my TAG Heuer Aquaracer (pictured). It's versatile enough to be worn daily, it's hardy and it's pretty much a classic. 

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What is your first memory involving a watch?

When I was little, I remember my father putting on his watch every day before going off for work. Even until today, with modern technology and smartphones, he still insists on wearing a watch. 


Has your concept of time changed at all since getting married? 

When it comes to making appointments, I now have both our schedules to consider, It can be quite a headache but I'm getting the hang of it. 


How about after moving to Singapore?

There's this thing called "Malaysian timing" and it's an actual thing. Malaysians have a bad habit of showing up late and it's just become a part of our lifestyle. I want to say I've adjusted to Singapore timing" and show up to appointments and events on time, but then I'd just be lying to you. It's still a work in progress!


How do you identify with the phrase, "don't crack under pressure"? 

I took the slogan very literally and put it to the test when I went diving. I was 30m underwater and when I checked my watch, it was working just fine. I managed to take some photos in the water as well but they turned out too dark.


Tell us about your plans for the rest of the year.

I'm in the midst of preparing for my first drama, which I'll be shooting next month for Toggle. I'm also in the midst of preparing for our wedding in July, so there's a lot going on these next few months and I'm really excited! After that, I'm going to need to take a short breather and disappear for a while. Maybe I'll go diving again, and hopefully this time, I can take some nice photos!

This story appears in the June/July 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.



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