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Hermes Explores the Cape Cod Effect(s)

A disruptive square shape, bold colors, and a youthful spirit: There is no need for introductions with the Cape Cod timepiece by Hermes
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The French luxury brand recently celebrated their iconic watch’s 25th anniversary, releasing new models of the Cape Cod and proving, if there was a need of it, that it successfully went through the ages and trends without ever getting old.

In a new set of short videos, Hermes shows the unexpected impact the colourful watch can have on its owner. Those conditions, however, are wonderful: from the acute collection it is, to the double wrap-around syndrome, everything seems to imply wearing a Cape Cod does change you for good. 

To understand better the frenzy around it, we talked to its creator, Henri d’Origny, about the origins, inspiration and evolution of the Cape Cod. To work up an appetite for the the full interview that will be unveiled in the upcoming December/January issue of L’Officiel Singapore, here are a few tidbits from the conversation.

How was the DNA of Hermès captured in the Cape Cod?

Henry d’Origny: The brand’s values are centered on craftsmanship, creativity, high quality, and a distinctive, elegant and discreet style. The Cape Cod, which is now an iconic Hermès object, has succeeded in evolving over time by combining judicious use of design codes as well as a light-hearted and fanciful approach. I am thrilled to see that it has found its way unscathed through the years. The watch’s unique design ensures that it remains as surprising as ever.

Was the process of designing a watch different from the way you designed other objects?

Henry d’Origny: As far as I’m concerned, I don’t design a watch as such but instead imbue an object with Hermès’ house values. I don’t look at what’s being done elsewhere. I simply like to imagine what I would like our customers to wear.

How did the name ‘Cape Cod’ come about?

Henry d’Origny: My American-born wife spent all her holidays at Cape Cod, which is the East Coast equivalent of Deauville in France. I went there once and its atmosphere inspired me to design the Chaîne d’Ancre motif. Hermès approved that name instantly.

Read the full interview in L’Officiel festive issue.



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