Watch Now: Bella Hadid In An Elevator With Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

In the latest video from Dior, we catch a glimpse of Bella Hadid's private moments in an elevator. She pats on a fresh layer of Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion, sweeps on Nude Air Tan, finished with a swipe of Rouge Dior lipstick and is ready to take on the world in three forms. It's great fun to think that even beauties like Bella touches her makeup in the stolen moments when she can, and she's got three modes for you to take inspiration from. Forever Weekender is an effortless and easy look that emphasises great skin and a feeling of freshness finished with Nude Air Tan for an L.A glow. Forever Urbaner, we imagine, is best for taking the cosmopolitan city on – with just a little blush and colour on the lips. Forever Midnighter, though, has to be our favourite for its sensible party rationing: just one great red lipstick to bring out.