#TeamLoff #GiftGuide: High Tech Wine Dispenser D-Vine


Wine lovers are hard to please, when it comes to picking out a present. Selecting a bottle is tricky, as you need to be sure of their taste – white or red, fruity or dry? The choices are endless. Buying a bottle opener would be a no-brainer, but chances are they have already a dozen of them. What better solution could we think of, then? Well, if they enjoy a glass of wine, they know how difficult it is to get a perfect glass of it: at the right temperature, with the right aeration, without spoiling a whole bottle if they just want a few sips. A French company, 10 vins, decided to address all those problems at once, creating a high-tech wine dispenser. D vine wine dispenser How does it work? Well, think of the latest coffee machines. Instead of capsules though, we get 10cl flacons – the perfect serving. Now, all you need to do is: first, get the RFID chip, located on the label, scanned by the machine. Then, clip the flacon at the top of it and get your glass ready (as seen below) .. and watch it getting full, less than a minute later. D vine wine dispenser Aeration, temperature, everything is controlled by the machine – so it (almost) feels like you have a sommelier at home.  Some could say it doesn’t fit with the wine tradition. It is true,  yet sometimes change is for the best – and most will quickly forget about that, after a glass followed by a few more. For now, 22 different wines – all from France -  are available, including Riesling Grand Cru "Saering"  2011 or Sauternes Grand Cru Classé 2012. Only 50 D-vine dispenser for sale in Singapore before 2017, more info on dvine.com.sg