New in: Miu Miu Cruise 2017


The Miu Miu lady is all about having presence. Don in shimmery neon, the Miu Miu lady isn’t afraid to be outstanding and fun. She goes against the flow by emphasising on delicate embellishment and prints. The prints and embellishments become the symbol. With funky prints like circular disks, ” abstract shapes, there is a whole new element of peculiarity, an element a Miu Miu lady definitely owns and masters well. The multi-coloured embellishments against shimmery textiles create a psychedelic effect, alerting all senses; creating fun and thrilling experiences. Indeed, it speaks about how a Miu Miu lady knows how to have fun while being in a reserved society. The clear accessories against the regular prints create a prismatic feel. The unusual combination of prints like swirls, hearts, molecular structures and the shape of a lime, shows how the Miu Miu lady can be made of everything, but will not be defined by one single element. Like galaxy and planet motifs, the Miu Miu lady is on an adventure to seek for out of the world experiences. The prints are a display of her attitude towards life, how she is constantly pursuing after fun and excitement and is not afraid to be outstanding or, different.

Source: Miu Miu Press Release