db Bistro & Oyster Bar: New Seafood and Cocktail Menu

Signature-New-England-Seafood-Boils-2 Formerly known as db Bistro Moderne, the restaurant by Daniel Boulud underwent a revamp last year to include an oyster bar, which greets you as you walk in. Located at Marina Bay Sands, it is one of the many restaurants in Singapore set up by celebrity chefs. “We are the heartened by the great momentum we have seen in the past year with our oyster bar gaining new diners and fans. To thank them, we are introducing even more seafood dishes, created under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Jonathan Kinsella, and matched by the impeccable service delivered by General Manager Andrew Burns’ team,” said Chef Boulud. This year, the restaurant offers up a host of delectable seafood dishes and refreshing cocktails for diners, and we had the luxury of sampling them earlier this week. [caption id="attachment_17747" align="alignnone" width="800"]Passion Bubble Tea Passion Bubble Tea[/caption] The drinks are an interesting mix of French Polynesian and Asian-inspired flavours that make for a welcome teaser before the meal. The highlights are the sake-based cocktails such as Passion Bubble Tea and Bonsai Bloom. These incorporate Mazuizumi Sake, whch is imported exclusively from Japan. Our personal favourite: Bonsai Bloom – a mix of yuzu, lychee, gin and fresh cucumber. [caption id="attachment_17746" align="alignnone" width="800"]Bonsai Bloom Bonsai Bloom[/caption] Staying true to its flare for reinterpreting classic Parisian bistro dishes with American flavours, the seafood menu did not disappoint. The meal kicked off with Fried Oyster Sliders. Presented with a generous serving of brussels sprout coleslaw and spicy tartar sauce, the cornmeal battered oyster was presented between brioche buns (it took a whole lot of self-restraint to eat just one!). Following the sliders was the French classic, Lobster Bisque. The rich broth includes roasted lobster, cognac and cream, and is garnished with generous portions of lobster, potatoes and leeks. Heavy on the palate as it sounds, it was anything but. [caption id="attachment_17748" align="alignnone" width="800"]Signature New England Seafood Boil Signature New England Seafood Boil[/caption] Next up, the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. Using five varieties of Blue crabmeat, the cake is paired with celery root slaw and spicy remoulade. Lightly seared with butter, the crab cake simply melts in your mouth and is one that we would go back for time and time again. The star of the meal was the Signature New England Seafood Boils. Available in three sizes (Petit, Grand and Royale), the wide selection of seafood can only be described as "hearty". Shellfish – including lobster, jumbo prawns, mussels and clams – is cooked in an aromatic broth. We recommend the Grand platter – an excellent choice for a large group to share. Along with the seafood, the platter also included sweet corn, fingerling potatoes and spicy Italian sausage, and comes with clarified butter, grilled garlic bread, and a teapot of broth. For dessert, we were served a Tropical Meringue that was a reinterpretation of the local Mango Sago dessert. As the restaurant’s pastry chef explained, the dish of diced mango, Sago (tapioca pearls), coconut, coconut sorbet and crunchy meringue was inspired during her trips abroad, in countries where local favourites were hard to find. For more information on the menu, visit db Bistro & Oyster Bar's website.