Breaking: Alber Elbaz to Exit Lanvin


The holidays may be approaching but let's just say the mood in the fashion industry is anything but jolly. Earlier this week Raf Simons announced his unexpected departure from Dior after a short three and half year tenure, reportedly due to the stress of having to manage six collections a year. Today, WWD reports that Alber Elbaz will be exiting Lanvin for similar reasons.

Alber Elbaz at Lanvin's Spring/Summer 2016 show in Paris. (Photo: Getty)

Just last week at Fashion Group International’s Night of the Stars, Elbaz spoke about the pressures of being a creative director in the fashion industry. "​We designers started as couturiers with dreams, with intuitions and with feelings. We started with,'What do women want? What do women need? What can I do for women to make their lives better and easier? How can I make a woman more beautiful?' That is what we used to do," he said. "Then we became creative directors, so we have to create, but mostly direct. And now we have to become image-makers, making sure it looks good in the pictures. The screen has to scream baby — that's the rule. And loudness is the new thing. Loudness is the new cool, and not only in fashion. I prefer whispering. I think it goes deeper and lasts longer. " According to WWD, sources have also said that designer's exit was sparked by disagreements between Elbaz and the company's head honchos. Whatever the reason may be, we definitely did not see this coming. The only possible upside to this situation would be if Elbaz moves on to fill the empty spot at Dior – a possibility that fashion insiders have already began speculating. Let the designer musical chairs continue.