Jessica Jung Discusses Her Label BLANC&ECLARE


It's only been a few months since Jessica Jung's turbulent departure from South Korean K-pop group Girls' Generation, but the multihyphenate is doing just fine. Better than fine. Recently in town to launch her label BLANC & ECLARE, the Californian-born entertainer spoke about her new role as a creative director. "I had to work on my decision-making skills because I wasn't really one before, for everything. I didn't have the last say. But [with BLANC & ECLARE] I have to make even the smallest decisions and take responsibility for them," she says during an interview in her suite. "It's something new that I haven't been doing, but it's really fun."

jessica-jung-blanc&eclare-1Jessica Jung

Jung may be new at the designing game, but she understands the importance of being fully involved in the creation of her line. "We really start from scratch. Every product that we produce has my DNA in it," she adds. "I design things I want to wear." As a clothing label, BLANC & ECLARE focuses on the everyday essentials, go-to t-shirts and denim. "I love denim and I thought it was the easiest to approach because I have a passion for it. It's my everyday wear and I want to share what I think is the perfect Asian fit. Fit is so important. It has to make your silhouette look pretty and it has to be comfortable as well." Of the many denims that she's created, the doe-eyed beauty favours the Manhattan. "I personally like high-waisted jeans. It's flattering and it makes your legs look longer." BLANC & ECLARE makes its debut in Singapore exclusively at Salon By Surrender at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, one of the few boutiques in the world to carry the line. Jung has plenty of praise for the multi-label retailer. "I like their sense of style and they're really leaders in fashion trends in Singapore. I've always wanted to work with them and it was easy to collaborate with Surrender because we have the same vision. I like to shop [at Surrender] when I'm in Singapore." Having been to nearly all four corners of the world in her life as a performing artiste, it's no surprise that travel is the inspiration behind her clothing and eyewear collections. The round-framed sunglasses, she explains, were inspired by Shanghai, while the cateye ones are a tribute to Parisian style. Jung also draws inspiration from her mother. "She's very classy and elegant, and I've always wanted to be like her," she says. On designers she admires, Jung is quick to point out Gabrielle Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. "They have a distinct aesthetic. Chanel has a feminine twist and I love the dresses that Saint Laurent made. I get very inspired by the work that they created throughout their lives." As for BLANC & ECLARE's aesthetic, Jung feels the phrase "less is more" describes it best. "I don't like to overdo things. I like to keep things simple and classy. [The BLANC & ECLARE girl] is someone who is classy and effortlessly chic." Photo: BLANC&ECLARE